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Being you know excommunicated spun from the north hollywood high uh uraba adam at the risk of talking exclusively about your high school football experience i'm going to keep going mike duran also first team alldefense about five to one forty was what he was listed at yeah might during a little guy we are are keen was so bad that they just gave us one one player from offense in one player from defense and mike with the like a under size past kind of scrappy safety and he was a little sky in our team but he was probably the fastest sky and they just said well adam for offense than my for defense those were the those are the two we got uh because our team we think we want like one in nine or something we we shocked and canoga park got the player of the year on both sides of the ball and all the spots and then you guys were relegated to one per side yeah well that's what happens when you state by a little piece of a movie football trivia when you're you're all familiar with the movie fast times at richmond hi yes uh jack jennings flaying playing the football game uh they're playing against the the wolves they're they're the wolves and that the fan ice high wolves that the team and our league and you know when they show the sidelines in the stands up that's that's a ban ice high football game and i think they're playing like monroe these are all the teams in our league and these are all the guys we played again so you can actually see a little snippet of uh uh la what was that uh all central valley a little central bali great minutes from the 80s if you watch uh fast times of rich month.

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