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Washington DC nineteen Ninety-one. A young yorker amidst murderer. Fourteen people. One of them is his best friend in partner for him. It wasn't personal. It was just business once known as the mayor of Haarlem, inspiring artists like Jay z fifty cent his name lives in infamy as the ultimate symbol of trail. This is the story of Bertone Getty's Martinez aka Alpo. Alberta was born on June eighth nineteen sixty six. He grew up in east Harlem, aka Spanish, Harlem. A Trulia, Rican, Avella patio. It's a well known hub for Puerto Rican experts. Most families living today have parents and grandparents coming from the island to New York. During the fifties and sixties. The neighborhood was an up and coming place to live back then. But a finance crisis struck the city during the nineteen seventy when major cities including the your stop getting federal funding soon. Predominantly black and latte, neighborhoods like Harlem and the Bronx collapsed completely overwhelmed by drug issues and crime. They became some of the worst places to live in New York. During the seventies local government would abandon them as well. Focusing on funding whiter, neighborhoods and tours, friendly parts of the city. Soon neighborhood. Watch star organizations popped up around Harlem to take care of their people. One of them was the young lords of far left group, Puerto Rican, political activists modeled after the Black Panthers home. They were close to. The New York financial crisis will create some legendary activists, musicians, like to parks court, a Harlem native before becoming the California icon. We know his childhood however, could have been like that of young Roberto Martinez out Berta lived in our body with his mother and two siblings. His older brother Flocco had major psychiatric problems. Alburto was a likable young easy going with the broad smile and a kind nature, everyone loved, but that made them easy target on the hard streets of Harlem. Alberto's mother was protective of breaking up fights. Burt, oh, God quoting because he was getting pushed around by the kids on his block. His mother had put all her hopes into Alberto to keep them off the streets. His mother enrolled him in the fresh air fund a summer camp for young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods every summer at Berta will go live with the Clintons, ah, quiet. Middle class couple who treated him like a member of their family at the Clintons house. He discovered another way of living the good life of middle class. America were houses was tallest four storey buildings and back with the size of playgrounds for young man from Spanish Harlem. This was a life out Bertel could get used to and he wanted that life, whatever it took any planned on making it happen by joining the military as a marine when he turned eighteen, but he'd never get the chance. Holidays don't last forever from the nice houses in the suburbs. Alberto came back home to the grimy streets of Harlem for the school year. Alberta was sick of getting jumped by kids on the street. So we learned to defend himself after school Alberto started boxing, he trained with a friend from the neighborhood Wilfred the radar Benitez one of the best Puerto Rican boxes of all time appro. By the time he was seventeen but need as we're going to win three world titles during his career. Alberta was quite a good fighter, but he never won his battles against poverty, boxing lessons costs more than our Berta could afford. He was tired of running to his mother for everything both physically and financially Alberto drought, boxing dropped out of school and started learning his lessons from the street. It was an unfortunate turning point form. He was so good. He could've turned pro as a team like

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