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Booker on Friday confirmed that he is dating Dawson. The actress confessed they were dating twenty twenty. Article. He's not actually dating coffee, right, stating whatever. Yeah. I don't know who died on new dos. It is. Yeah. So weird. Isn't that realizes doing it? He's just figuring figures. Nobody would go back and look it will little bit of both. You know? I think we'll be retained John McCain earlier. John mccain. I'd like one joke. Now, I sleep like a baby I wake up twelve times in the night crying. And he told that joke in almost every setting speeches late night appearances, whatever events if he was on a stage was likely telling that joke, and I think a lot of people sort of have that sort of default. Hey, this gets a laugh, you know. So I'm gonna use this and Booker found something that he thinks gotta laugh, and he probably forgot he tweeted it before. And that's a lot of. Yeah. Or or just he really like legitimately feels that way. Data directly involved in coffee. Yeah. He's very romantically involved with this coffee. Have you who was the actress that came out and said that he was she was dating Cory Booker? Well, the story they reference somebody named Dawson the only the only actress I know that Dawson said she's in a relationship with Cory Booker feels about this interesting. Yeah. I don't know why that's interesting that I just found it interest. Shown also refers to girlfriend as warm and stimulating. We have a story next hour about millennials feeling feeling burned out and one of the things they have a list of a list of things to drink coffee. They have a list of things that they're burned out by one of the things that they said that that burns them out of the stresses amount is when they're when they're tweets don't get re tweets or or lakes, so and the story points out that a lot of people are that way. I wonder for Booker. It's like, well, you know, this always plays. Well, it gets me a lot of retweets and a lot of comments. Did the same thing. What I went to. I went to New York that one time, and I tweeted out that picture of the the melted cheese slice on the pop tart. Oh my God. Yeah. Just a timing viral. Yeah. If you wanted some attention, the tweet. Cheese melted. Other American slice of cheese on a pop tart. Started on that. No, no. I'm just not hungry. From the vending machines, Taco Bell. Hot saw stop it. Talk about hot sauce on top of your cheese on top of your pop tart coming up. We didn't get a chance to talk about this yesterday. So we'll talk about it next to the gangrene day. Thousands of Minnesota students went on strike to save the planet will answer the question of whether or not they succeeded Justice Andrew lit up today. Today's show will make the radio hall of fame. I thinking twin cities.

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