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Is the tail end there. Tweak something. Well, you wonder about his health and the health of Boris kuchuk. I mean, could you came back out on the ice? He's fighting it. He is give him credit. I mean, he's battling through this, but you know, those lingering ankle sprains can last a long, long time and you just tweak it and you twist it a little bit and then you get in pain and then you go back there and subsides a little bit, you get back out there and fight through it. Give them a lot of credit for battling through those injuries. Well, they haven't updated the shots on goal total folks who are right now I've got 19 for the kings to 16 for the hawks after two periods of play. But in that last sequence, the hawks were very lucky they weren't scored upon. They had trouble calling his own. I mean, kings have hit a couple posts in this game with some clear looks. Marx just, you know, they were gassed. I mean, they had nothing in the tank and two guys got off the ice, Dickinson and lafferty got on, but it was a bad line change and that allowed the kings to attack again. Colin Blackwell, the lone forward just couldn't get off the ice in the long line change. I would love to see how long that last shift was for Caleb Jones regula and Colin Blackwell. I would say close to three minutes, three and a half minutes probably, and a regular shift to put it in perspective. Is about 45 seconds, 40 seconds, somewhere in that area. So when you're trying to defend in your battling in your own end of the ice, that just destroys your body. You've got nothing left. Well, the good news is is that they should all sleep pretty well tonight. I would think after that exhausted sequence, they still got some more to go here. All right, after two periods, we're tied up at one. Joe brand is standing by and Blackhawk central. He'll have a full intermission report and then we return to the left coast where the Blackhawks are looking to take two points out of this game here tonight in LA and then hopefully two more down in Anaheim in a couple nights. We'll have to

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