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News This in live on air on Alexa or on the WTO P app Traffic and weather on the 8s to the traffic center and Carlos Ramirez Thank you so very much and Dave dillin just informing us literally seconds ago about the details here on two 95 southbound It looks a mess here Basically from Pennsylvania avenue all the way down towards a suitland Parkway You are jammed up Dave dildine doesn't form that looks like along with the work zone that is down near the suitland Parkway All four lanes are very rough and milled So that works on actually we'll extend all the way down towards exit two B so watch out pack your patients Do drive a little bit slower because those rough roads can damage your tires and even your suspension If you're headed down in Virginia watch out for this You got delays from the thornburgh area all the way up towards route one in Fredericksburg That's where the work zone blocking two right lanes southbound between the Stafford exits here between the courthouse road eggs and the centerport Parkway got to work zone through that area as well watch out for it Also if you're leaving D.C. headed into Virginia the delays start at the case bridge take you across the 14th and yeah you will only have the left side available to you 66 you got a single lane getting by on the eastbound side whether you're moving down the street across the country or around the world interstate moving has been delivering quality moves You can trust for over 75 years Visit our website move interstate dot com Carlos Ramirez WTO be traffic Now your forecast from storm team four's Samara Theodore Tonight's low cut it down into the 40s and low 50s It will be a quiet night after all as we head through the overnight.

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