Brandon Ingram, Otto Porter, Lakers discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show


Ultimately the warriors to a blowout win over the pelicans and now they're up three one as well the pelicans on the brink of elimination wondering what the hell they're going to do about boogie cousins since he's been hurting you've looked well without him and alvin jet you probably doesn't want to get rid of boogie cousins the your keep them on board though if you're going to train them to your trade them to la for young player like brandon ingram but your trade him to washington for a player like otto porter what are you there's a whole bunch of questions hope lots of questions but here's the deal here's my thinking i got something for new yorkers that i would like you all to consider because we watched the play of lebron james reach new heights his greatness ever in bedded in our minds and hearts forget the debate about whether or not he's the or whatever the case would be you know what question i have listen to the people that i know throughout the leak lebron james next destination comes down to two cities la in philly lebron james these are going to join the lakers or he's going to join the philadelphia seventy sixers that's basically the popular belief that's going on at this particular moment in time here's my question new yorkers specifically that new coach david phys dale what exactly can you do to get lebron james to strongly consider new york city.

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