North Korea, Senator Robert Menendez, President Trump discussed on Morning Edition


Was up on the hill yesterday giving a pretty sober assessment of north korea's nuclear capabilities i want to play a little bit of an exchange he had with ranking member senator robert menendez let's listen jim younger today possesses the most robust nuclear program he has ever had and as a result is constantly the summit he's still possesses is they're concerned that cancelling the summit does leave the north in a stronger position here well i think the summit again like i said we've known that if there's any scintilla that kim jong back away from his position commitment it wouldn't be held so at what what the danger is of course is that kim jong un decides to completely break his promise and that's been the danger of his father and his grandfather they've been down this road multiple times made promises broke those promises that's the north korea that we know what we're trying to do with our with our pressure is to get to a new era of relationships with north korea where they do follow through on their commitments and they are welcomed back to the global community i want to talk about what comes next in just a moment but i also wanna address south korea's response to this because they were caught off guard they didn't know this was coming down the pike the south korean president was forced to call an emergency cabinet meeting or a midnight in seoul trying to wrap his head around all this are you concerned that the way this was handled undermines america's reputation as a reliable ally in the region act according to the us best interest and we have to make sure that we continue our work with south korea in the alliance to achieve our mutual goals and that's denuclearization.

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