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When he decided to go solo. Yeah it was. You know. I think the decision to do that was Out of you know i. It was a couple of things. I was ahead of job job. So i didn't have as much time to to collaborate and with with another artist and i had these other songs in the back of my head and i wanted to. I guess wanted just sort of try as a solo song because i had had these product. Katie's at box. Where does i was always like the producer backup vocals like just behind. The front man was like let's see. Let me see if i've got the chops to to be the front songwriter to like to have all of my ideas upfront. And that's kind of what spawned the idea of you know to do like kindness. Courage and i had all the chops as the producer recording engineer. And my home studio. So i had all that behind me and it was me wanting to to see how it worked and i i recorded it and i was just. I was super nervous. But i think the the the the luck of the first strike or beginners lock or like the universe saying keep going like. I released the first track kindness. Courage got some good critical view. Narrates the second track promise and it got immediately on a spotify algorithm editorial post which now i look back. That was huge back. In the day i was like oh yeah. Of course it is because it's great song and that's how that's how it's going to be arrested. But that's been the only editorial place but that like rocketed music to everyone millions of fans so it was great. And then you know from that there had a lot of tv and film placements from that ep. So there's been this this just Motivation on the back end for For my music and demand from different producers creators sink agents and listeners say gates. It's good so i kind of got this affirmation of like yeah i. I am good enough as a songwriter to to be the front man Are thank you. And i appreciate the kind words and and i was just hanging with a songwriter yesterday. Actually about this. And i was like i. I miss. I miss having a partner or a team. Because i think as a solo artist doing and as a solo in the artist i should say it's it relies so much on my shoulders at like the everything. The marketing the recording the production. The the the songwriting the the the finance the connections the pr. It's all on my shoulders. And it's it can be really tiring after a while. And so i'm like i use like just even if it's just me like hiring a producer like i can use a producer on my next album or like an studio engineer so i can at least offload that and like so. I'm thinking i'm thinking about this another album coming on. I'm definitely gonna there's definitely gonna be a team with me just so i can have a little have a little more. Fun is my is my goal for the next songwriting project. Well inviting in producer makes a whole. Lotta sense is gives you a second seventy years. A psychotic completely remake song absolute. And i'm finding a lot of value in that i mean it's perfect segue. I think the first track we're in a shares that that over and over the alternate mix With a i worked with a fabulous producer. David jacobs strain He's in americana songwriter. A amazing songwriting amazing producer. And i've worked at a few other tracks but he was able to to your point he Having that second set of ears he was able to really hear what i was doing. It's all good. And i really like these three aspects of what you're doing. I really feel like the soul of the song is in those three aspects to pull those aspects out an emphasize those through some different instrumentation heated. Might oh my god like. That's that's amazing. I was so excited and happy. Pleased with what he did. Because as role of producer he can That second set of yours can really hear what you're trying to do and go okay. I see your direction. But i think we turn those down and turn these two up. It's gonna get your direction a lot clearer on so matt for sure. Well i definitely. I love both virgins. They definitely love the alternative version. Thank you but it is dedication of love for your wife like the song. Promise that won critical acclaim as well. Yeah yeah and. I think it's funny i. It's just like what's happening in my universe. At the moment the promise was a dedication it was actually a dedication. It was kind of a i took our wedding vows and kind of mash them up into a song form so is basically like i said. See your wedding bells that we you know we. We'd been married probably year and a half by then. Mostly casey wedding bells. That's the most romantic thing interesting. The wedding vows. And i was like oh just in summary in song form. These are our hopes. These is what we are saying to each other. And so that's like so. The female part is like my wife's wedding bells is like yeah. This is terrifying and this is scary. But here i am in mind was like y'all promised to be there for you so it was great. I mean it was like really cool to have that. As one of the first songs i did end people be like. That's a really good song. So okay i kind of have the chops again. It's like it gave me that. That positive reinforcement to keep going super listened to the track over and over. The alternative version released march. Twenty twenty one avenue. On how you four i have been i would have been wrong shy real ray from fouling up because to me a mosaic she. Good perfect was.

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