Nitric Oxide, Amino Acid, ALI discussed on Paid Programming


And what makes it so unique so special well the polyphenols have been known to do this and ali it comes from fruit and it comes from uh a great and so on so what they powerpacked in here is of course grape seed extract it's a wonderful nitric oxide supporter along with us citra lane and then and now the mango free to extract which really helps us with our microbes circulated i'm gonna tell folks about their microcircuits in just a minute what that means but we want to dilate we want to widen we want to have elastic arteries we want to have arteries that are flexible and move you know as we get active our arteries need to widen to control and so we have healthy blood pressure levels we want to send a signal to our body to control those little muscle smooth muscle injured i'd it's called the endothelium in all of our arteries well you know as our arteries moveon they become even smaller we call them arterioles and then we get the capillaries connectors between them and the venue old spaniels being small veins we've got to get down to the micro circulation so we're going to tell you about that in just a minute as well but it to nitric oxide that does this well we've had one side knowing polyphenols like from great does this we know that citra lane well it's an amino acid does this we've now found that mango fruit extract now purity products as combining all lease and i love this because this is an upgraded nitric oxide formula from purity.

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