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What are you going to do with it how is your life going to be different at the end of this year than it was at the beginning what aspect of your life do you want to improve joyner improve your relationship with other people you want employee improve your financial situation you want to improve your job do you wanna start that business you want to get that promotion it only comes through massive action the massive action creates belief believe creates opportunity and i i i want you we spent a lot of time on this show talking about how terrible have world is now screwed up people are and how we continue to slide further away from liberty and how we need to get back to these principles and i do not want to let it laps just how important this idea of individual liberty is the fact that you still control your destiny that all of the opportunity in the world exists to you if you are only willing to go out and take it and demand it and so as you go out today's you finish the shielded i want you to ask yourself some questions i want you ask yourself by been taking massive action in my life in order to create the type of future the type of compelling future that i want to have and if the answer is no then you need to sit down tonight and right down your goals what do you want to have happened this year what are your expectations and make them so unrealistic they you don't know if there's a single way you don't don't whether or not you can achieve it or not.

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