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May mean you're on your way to being every day millionaire. That's right. The third week of the everyday millionaire theme our continues, the third Greek of the tour continues this theme our to talk about it. Chris HOGAN, the author of the book Ramsey personality is joining us number one bestselling author and the book is everyday millionaires. How ordinary people built extraordinary wealth, and how you can to this project has been so exciting in these three weeks have been very blinding. It really has. They've I am so excited to be out to be meeting. People looking them in the eye and talking about this message. This is a project that we began a while back and so to be here and to be out on the road. It's just exciting. It's time. I mean, we feel like we've been hatching a while sitting on in a while. But tha. Amaro Chris will be doing the smart money live event here in Los Angeles. At Mariners church Irvine. Of course, I'll be doing that with him. And it's fun to be LA into do. This really really good stuff. Now. Monday, January the twenty first will be doing a book signing Chris will at the Barnes and noble, Los Angeles at six o'clock at the grove at farmers market. And it's not just a book signing. No, it's not Dave. We're also going to be giving away one thousand dollars. So you've got an opportunity to come out. Now, you've got to be present in order to win. But you don't have to buy a book I'd prefer that you did. But you don't have to to win the thousand dollars. But it's a great opportunity just to get together. Dave see some people that are all motivated and moving in the right direction. I can't wait to get this movement started. So I know you gotta traffic in LA, and I know the book signings tonight at the Barnes and noble at the grove at farmers market. But I also know somebody's going. Get a thousand dollars for braving the traffic, and and everybody else is going to become an everyday millionaire follow the guidelines in this book because we show you statistically, how the millionaire did it that does two things one. Is it gives you real hope based on real facts? And to is it destroys the mythology out there that has stolen the American dream with this victim and tally because I'm a victim of something. I'm not a person of privilege. None of these millionaires that we found were hardly persons of privilege only four percent actually became millionaires because of their inherited money, according to their own responses in the survey, we added a little bit to that and found that some of them did inherit money, but they didn't hair it enough or soon enough to cause them to be a million dollars. And the words they might already had two million and then inherited two hundred thousand so that did not cause them they did inherit money, but that caused them to do that then caused them to be made or they're already million here or they got it. So late that they're millionaire was the million is already on its way. And so what we can determine from. These numbers are ninety three percent of America's millionaires are not millionaires because of inherited money, that's an important number. If you think you're victim. No. It really is. Because if you're looking and you're saying, listen, I didn't get anything. I don't plan to get anything. Therefore, I can't become a millionaire that's called false these millionaires over ten thousand of them that we talked to these are people that were focused, and they did some things consistently Dave over time. And so they they realized that they were in charge of their future. They decided to make decisions and move in a direction. And so what it tells you America is that its vailable? This is something that you can do as well. It's just a matter of getting started Dave and having the right information. It's the largest study ever done of millionare's in North America. And we found that ninety four percent of them grew up in middle class or less around eighty percent. Eight out of ten said they were. Lower middle class or below. Yeah. And so this idea that you have a silver spoon or this idea that you are person of privilege whether it's due to race creed color, national origin. It's just false. Yeah. Yeah. Does everyone have obstacles. Of course. Of course..

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