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You can not let them you just can't let them steal the U. S. Senate politicians cannot assert. Take or seize power power is given granted by the American people alone in Georgia. Early ballots are not counted until election day, and there have already been more than three million early votes Cast. Foreign BLANCHARD Fox News, The Dallas City Council is assuring residents that will publicly discuss potential changes to how the department responds to low level crimes. City memo was sent out and later resented that stated crimes involving child custody and car break ins would be reported online as opposed to 911. Councilwoman Jennifer Stop by. Gates says the memo was premature. You're going to bring this forward and explain what you know the ideas behind it what the KPMG study recommended how it would be utilized. The idea is recommended by the research form, KPMG is a way to allow patrol officers more time on the street. Now we'll check on Texas business sponsored by the law Office of Nickname. If here, Spencer McGowan from network radio. Well, the trading year 2021 Trading year opened yesterday with new highs on the Dow, the S and P not so fast. UK strict lockdown correspondent to the Dow falling nearly 1000 points stabilized this morning. The Dow's down 38 points just above 30,000, West Texas intermediate crude 48 34 barrel manufacturing and a six year high construction spending 4% above the same period. Pre pandemic I'm Spencer Macallan president, Macallan Group. Net worth radio dot com. From the W B A P News desk. I'm Nicolo say your next update has had 8 24 7 coverage at WB ap dot com. E mean, just looking back on the season way all came in with high hopes, and, uh And will tow go to the Super Bowl. Then we came up short came up real short. Cowboys defensive end Marcus Lords frustrated with way the season went but hoping they learned a lot going to 2021 good morning from our WB. AP Sports Chess Camp Steve Lamb. Dallas wasn't very good on defense, something they'll Address in the off season. Not only will head coach Mike McCarthy be evaluating this players with heel evaluated staff, a lot of people think he'll sever ties with defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. Defense is the way the Mavericks think they're gonna win a lot of basketball games this season. Or that's what Rick Carlisle has been saying the following their game last night down in Houston, where Luca don to tad a season high 33 points. 16 rebounds and 11 assists. His first triple double season, where Carlisle cited the uncertainty of the season schedule is a factor in the slow start for dot It's in the first week and a half of the season, but looks like he's okay. I'm ready to play. I'm gonna keep doing the conditioning kid getting better keep getting better safe. And you know, it's way have a lot of games all the shit. He missed Saturday's game in Chicago because of a quadricep contusion, but was okay last night down in Houston and former Florida and Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer could be back on the sidelines again, but not with a college team. Meyer, according to report at pro football talk could end up coaching the Jacksonville JAG wires making listen to this. 12 million. Ah, year. He wouldn't be the highest paid coach in the NFL. That's Bill Bella, check it. New England were reports or he gets at least 12 million, maybe even closer to 20, but guessing here that Meyer Was left jobs before because of health reasons or for whatever is going to be coaching the Jags in 2020. They give the pros of shot one year too. No, No. You're thinking of Nick Saviano said. No, I know him Saving. Did Pete Carroll. I know Pete Carroll. I was just thinking, maybe Urban Meyer. I think he's thinking Lou Holtz. That was a little no, I'm no. I'm thinking whoever did the Jets for we're here. Yeah. No, I don't think 12 year. Hard to say no to that is, I think McCarthy. His deal that he signed with Jerry was five years for 30. That's about 29 too much. Come on, come on. Well, I'm just saying, you know, that's a good agent is what that is. Yes, it is. You know he's doing okay. Whether he wins or he loses. That's your look at sports. I'm Steve Land. Listen at home when you wake up with Alexa first say, Alexa enabled the W B a P skills then say, Alexa Open W V. P Now, the W B A P. Morning news with hell J and Brian EST Ridge one used talkie 20 Tell them you be 18. 7 38 of you beat a people with Congresswoman Kay Granger. Is in self isolation right now, because she is well she's quarantine because she tested positive. She tested positive after receiving The first batch of the first dose from Fizer. Come back soon after receiving yes. Now the first Fizer biotech doses about 50% effective And preventing covert 19 how the second dose increases that protection to about 95%. Okay, that Yeah. Now we're talking. Now we're talking and they're saying the CDC says it could take weeks for a person's body to build up. You met immunity after getting vaccinated. So that this is what I want to know that maybe you could ask you answer this. You might have just by saying that When I get both shots, yes. So I walk into Can I walk into Tom Thumb or Walmart? Can I go to a restaurant? With Family and friend and sit down and not worry about it anymore. I would say not after the first one. No, I've been after both of them after the second one, they say just after vaccination, you can still be infected, so I think I would probably give it a couple of weeks after Vaccination before you go back to Olive Garden. I'm going to go. Just had to do that. I've got to say I'm going to give it two months. Then from the first shot 28 days later to the second and then another month after I'm gonna use my own timeline of two months. There you go. I like it. I think I think you mean that that point? Yeah, because you are in line to receive the Madonna vaccine. Just waiting on word from the counter. Yeah, but in fact I just checked. For a text. Ben is going nothing yet. You had nothing in all right. How about this? L A County how Los Angeles County, by the way, and I think I saw this number right where I want to make sure I get them. I don't want to give you the wrong Okay, number, but I think in Los Angeles County Yes. One in five residents are testing positive for the virus right now. Uh, ambulance crews there. Have been advised to cut back on oxygen use and not bring patients who have virtually no chance of survival. Tow hospitals. They said they're letting an E M t make that call. Yes, and they're saying that there is an acute need to conserve oxygen. And they told the L a times that medical personnel need to focus on patients with a greater chance of surviving. So everybody in California except the politicians in the famous and the rich, which, by the way, the whole state has been on lockdown for months, except the politicians. Yes. The rich and famous right. They're all okay. But 21 for 20% of the rest of the population. They have it right. And I went all the way to the hospital. That driver or the empty guy says. You know what? I don't think he's gonna make it right. Wow, That's good. Yeah, Hard. How hard is oxygen to get? It must be hard. It must be because I had this. I had the same thought. Because I'm like, Wait a minute. Isn't it all around us at all times? You open the window and, yeah, but appearance election period. Pure oxygen is hard to do this. His bottle of bowling up. Yes. Called boost oxygen, Okay? Friend of mine told me to get this right. And what you do is.

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