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Communication Center received requests for service to attend fifty to Canterbury Saint John City Center. The officer. Sir Richard Oland. It was later determined at the scene. That Mr Rolling had expired. Preliminary results of the autopsy couple with the evidence at the scene clearly indicate Richard. Ola was a victim of foul play. Homicide there is no evidence at this time to suggest that this was a robbery or a random act. Richard Olin's body had been found by his Secretary Marine Anderson. Here's Greg Marquee again and if you hear them yelling in the background that's just Greg's Greg's cat and to warn you will be hearing from that Katy quite a bit in this episode is secretary. Maureen Adamson went into the office of soft few things in this that she went in through the the doors in when she got inside she noticed Things wrote a place and she looked over in the area where her boss had his desk. She saw body in the floor so she went down. She panicked won't blow out help to the business down below just a warning. The next little bit gets pretty graphic graphic. The scene of the crime was absolutely gruesome. Blood was everywhere. He was face down on the floor of his legs under his task and he had massive trauma to the back of his head. There was a pool of Rama's head in there was blood. SPLATTER in kind of a circle pattern emanating from crime-scene what was clear from the beginning. was that this wasn't some robbery. There were no signs of a break in meaning. Richard probably let his killer into the office office and almost nothing was taken. The Computers Richards Rolex. All of them were still in the room. The only thing missing was Richard's iphone. Richard Olin's murder was immediately a sensation. Greg Marquee remembers exactly where he was when he heard the news. I was in the Public Library that afternoon soon. And someone said that the library what happened in mentioned the name a certainly knew the name but I had never met Miss Rowland and it was a bit of a shock because again there had been a number of murders murders in in Saint John in the years prior to this and after this but this was not a typical case with a wealthy person being being murdered in his office. The Olin's are one of the most well known families in New Brunswick Irving's are huge in their influence the McCain's anes also are fairly an beyond New Brunswick as well for with McCain's and the irving's but the older ones are are are sort of a second tier dynasty. Something the songs and the they certainly have been around for a while. They're quieter sort of low profile. They valued their privacy and they were just not they just haven't been and his high profile as say the Irving's McCain's and it's kind of ironic given all the publicity that was visited upon the family after the murder of Richard and actually make making important distinction just at the top. There's actually two branches of the Oland family distantly related both of them in the maritimes and both of them involved in brewing. Doing there's the Nova Scotia Ohlund. Who owned the Oland brewery? In Halifax they sold their company to Inbev in the nineteen seventies and they brew beers like Alexander. Keiths Oland Poland and schooner. But that's not who we're talking about here. The New Brunswick Orlands are best known for Moosehead brewery which is the largest independent brewery and Candido. We're down so who exactly is this family..

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