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Sure. I'm glad you're giving me an opportunity to talk about it. And i appreciate it an end up thought about eating since you and i just south and before you wrote your your fantastic. Ps and us dot exposure I thought about to losses and during that corn theory and not starting with the murder. George floyd of around that time we we have a lot of time dock and things about the systemic racism that our society was retiring and how to combat some of that And we we were. You're hit with a lot of mental health concerns around kobe as well Leave we witnessed a ton of violence. Both with wisdom's and without guns some issues across our society with which suits died. And and i was gonna Eliminated and in some center with. What did you robin story. I know a lot of listeners are familiar with withdrew and earlier in the year. And what all of this is to say that like changes desperately in our society diversity equity and inclusion Is that. I'm i'm very you mentioned. Stephanie is as well in one area that we felt like we can make an immediate impact all of these areas to get more that first group of leadership in soon directions settings relations across sports. We think i think that when you have more diversity for decision makers you have less violence your mental health concerns. Because we're thinking about solvings asians with a more diverse group of thinkers. And i mean there are better and more creative. Critical thinkers in the room so pipeline for change is is driving towards putting Wing people of color Members of the lgbtq plus community other marginalized groups of people with physical disabilities into these decision making possessions. We have more people in these decision making positions. We think we're gonna be able to make an impact in solving some of these Very deeply rooted by voices. And you're providing grants for Members of these communities who might not be able to necessarily afford educational opportunities or clinics or internships to help them be able to take advantage of some of the opportunities. And my understanding. Is you know as things progress There might even be ways to to help encourage different organizations or even leagues In mlb has been actually kind of a leader with some of their their pipeline projects for diversity But but in kind of making sure that people not only are getting opportunities but advancing as.

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