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In the projects of lynchburg virginia so he was coming to the idea of fatherhood with with not a lot of training you could say how old was he when your sister has sparked my sister was born in sixty six he was born thirty nine so he's maybe twenty seven oca so the reason why said it it culture because when children experience stuff that we might look at as abuse but yet it's just normal in the culture like for instance in you know historic england where they would send olds after boarding school nowadays we will look at that glue know the attachment injuries but if everybody did it and it was the hope away then it the perception of it as feeling hurtful i mean even though corporal punishment i'm not a big believer in it for children not a big believer disbelieve are completely that it's good for children but within the context of the generation as you mentioned and the culture in i'm getting from you that maybe you didn't fight and it will but those always you'd explanation if i did something my father would put be if you are sitting on the couch he would put me right in between his knees and i knew what was coming oh but he took time to explain to me in one raid will pass because of x y z and understand it every decision that you make every step that you take their her consequences to those actions the right now it's going to be this built but later on in life it'll be something else could be some that you chose to do this now this is the result don't people who are believers and corporal punishment say that that's the way you should do it if you're going to do it for the safety of the child you never do it out of anger or uh nevertheless bad on yet but just for the safety like you running out into the middle of the street that is a safety spanking when you come back when he goes in grabs you get they say you're not supposed to do it out of anger but my father was angry many times score at least in my limited understanding of what anger woods all i know is he was yelling at me he was screaming at me and he was making me but there was still some context is forest the why exactly uh what kind of relationship did you have with your mom wait for that because on.

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