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To a M. seven ninety day ABC it is exhausting to to to at the top they are from the caliber news group or a talk to Susan challenge also Howard Jarvis tax association she's gonna tell us how California plan to track your children of sound I don't know I was reading that story and I'm not happy about bottlenecks earlier we're gonna talk to this woman who chronicled a memoir about schizophrenia one I self maybe this is how I persuaded by telling his real story has just so obvious to me but I guess the average person who doesn't know this of course if you're Davis in here from red state and this is once my comic collateral hi I agree with I believe his chair yes I do not I do not like that turned community of color or people of color and I work in you know I do a lot of community organizing and work here a broad and it's like that's the new is turned and I tell my closest friend when I'm meeting with other African Americans our children do not use that term in front of me wow because we're not a box of crayons yes yeah we just have to be careful but what's interesting is I I was working with a couple of calls from the to range in unity that we've been working together here in the California area and we had a very interesting conversation and I'm not gonna say from the whole entire Korean community but this particular person who's very slow and she told me that we were not minorities want meaning African American yes so there was this believe that after so what will define what a minority years is that what she thought it was our she said it was Korean coming over to America and the Latin American right who says it's only see American so you're just like a right yeah exactly so I had to we got into this in love we got into the CD version and I said no says you need to track your history and I I think that's that's part of the miscommunication about African American is that our history was not properly there's not given we're not yeah well as we've been saying it and there's not a proper good language describing yeah I have Sir agree that are all I've been by the way yeah I'm an educated man I've only recently it's only come into focus from yeah recently that's insane yeah I feel so guilty about that I all things with it thank you so much I I am totally of degree with everything you said it was a very interesting so I recently did a project I'm very proud of it I I need a short film about Harriet Tubman and it was a re imagining her time in as an action hero and I did it it's a bit fictionalized but based on you know her true life because she was like a super bad **** but a lot of people don't know all of the bad **** thing she did they don't know like to the extent we are we see Harriet Tubman as having had rap and she's a frail old lady and she let some people through the underground rail road but she was a spy she was a nurse she they called the general she did all kinds of stuff and I thought why don't we get why don't we give some of these black heroes the American hero treatment the same treatment we give to like we we lie and eyes the founding fathers if there were a founding mother of America would be Harriet Tubman why don't we why don't my kids come home in February and I said what have you learned at but for black history month the school and they say nothing but they know that it's pride month yeah yeah and there are rainbows all over the sidewalks and now in California we teach gay quote history in the classrooms they have won their marketing more black Americans did not win the marketing war why is that you thing because you didn't push hard enough or or why do why is that why be part of it is is the thing that we've been talking about this whole time this idea of co opting culture so constantly we are being pandered to to that that young black and so creative and you're such a poor part of this country and then you know we get vanilla ice and then we get like you know that we get all this press become we get Elvis Presley becomes a part of quote white culture or American culture and people forget words for you you don't always Presley a lot of people don't know Chuck Berry yeah or what's her name I carried a Steve help me the famous blues guitarist female black woman as a result of Thor all right okay yeah she's yeah that's Waller like anything and I'm not I don't mean to be accusatory I'm I'm not saying that that everyone does this but but that's what happens and it's nice I black black history is American history and that's important that I had with a slow nod yes exactly right I this is our baby a repair mission is that's the ultimate American story only true the nights free comic sh thing and is Mike I don't know your is the one story that is uniquely hours yes that's what I want yeah I don't think no other store there may be some but not such and such a big scale that with such tremendous influence on our culture at large our history that's the one core story and it started at the beginning with the stupid compromise and it started but in that this is the other thing it started with all American so it's a black and white has for our fate are intertwined for ever yeah and we left that break us apart if we did it right like drew you're talking about let's let's wrestle this language and let's let's really wrestle with these ideas of we could do it right if we can figure out to do it right yeah we can all share that history positive instead of using it as a as a dim divider be right back more with your day was from red stately entry Dutch troops.

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