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At Springdale Melinda Brandt, with traffic look at your KLBJ radar weather watch was staff. Meteorologist Bob Larsen it's hot but not. As, hot not as extreme at least we've taken a bit of the edge off. The extreme heat hopefully we gained look back say that yesterday was the peak in this. Ridiculously hot month and crazy hot summer up to almost one hundred ten degrees wonder nine officially still above, one hundred though and we're expecting that again. Over the next couple. Of days partly cloudy tonight, lows seventy. Two tomorrow sunshine a few clouds hundred one tomorrow afternoon Mostly clear tomorrow. Night lose seventy two sunshine Thursday high of, one zero two from the weather center Who says meteorology, board, and Ed Clements afternoons three to seven let's when Let's go That you're, gonna go Solo, when when people go let's go Okay All. Right I'm gonna say that because it's going to be. Ruined if I tried to be serious about, this he would be is asking for the. John as you, saying, quote these aren't sexy. Photos these are clinical pictures to confirm a reported measures trying to determine how manned perception of his size. Yet even how, often, Jeff they go to the doctor because of the side of their size of. Their Yes Balas I feel your, pain your? Pain Usually it's about, self esteem What Do, what Jeff Ward and Ed Clements afternoons three to seven on NewsRadio KLBJ five ninety AM and ninety nine point seven FM Stood dot com NewsRadio KO BJ five ninety AM and ninety nine point seven FM presents the Jeff Ward and Ed Clemens.

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