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So so in all your reporting you found a whole bunch of africans who have been through this process in slight variations but but essentially the same thing what is the evidence that this is an organized program and the israeli government knows about it so that's the real crux of the issue of i spoke to officials in israelrwandauganda an in all of them deny any knowledge of this system existing but i also managed to track down some people who were involved in the process of pressuring the african asylumseekers to leave uganda on including one man who seemed to have been hired by the ministry of internalaffairs in uganda and had documentation to back that up for helping encouraged the sudanese refugees to leave the country he'll to organize their flights you either southsudan or sudan on a he was adamant that there was a high level government involvement in this process basically could exist did without ugandan officials not just being aware of it but also participated in it the question of israeli complicity is a little bit more difficult to nail down but these reports have now filtered back to the israeli administration they're they're aware of these claims and they really you know they claimed that david vested them but they've really done nothing to stop this from happening i mean this this process still continues is this on its face illegal that's the key question in that's where organizations like you nec are and other human rights groups are looking into it so on its face if the asylumseekers were given what their promised uh which is you know refugee citizen the 3rd country a right to work and all the other uh in all the other promises are met.

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