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All news one. Oh, six nine and AM seven forty KCBS. Good afternoon. It is Sunday October fourteenth at two thousand eighteen coming up on KCBS. I'm Doug sovereign in the East Bay were BART's ambitious housing plan gets thumbs down from some not in my backyard. Neighbors terrible idea and thousands of people on the path of hurricane Michael or spending another night without running water or electric city in commute. Unity's that are lucky enough to be standing good afternoon. I'm Jennifer Honda. CBS news coming up next KCBS news time three thirty one. CBS news update, there's clean up going on. And most of the six states hit by hurricane Michael. Which is blamed for at least nineteen deaths so far, but in Florida rescue teams are using cadaver dogs as searchers reach isolated areas. Governor Rick Scott list of priorities and estate number one search and rescue. We're still completing that number to make sure we get food water and fuel out we're doing that. We just got to make sure everybody knows where it is. Number three. We've tried to get generators out to all the counties to make sure that they get their stop lights back on even if they don't get the power back on but getting the juice flowing again is going to take some time explains Kimberly Blair with Gulf power. It is pitch black in most of the series, but only light or the emergency vehicles that are everywhere in Mexico Beach, Florida, which was all but destroyed by the storm the mayor says there's enough food and water now for the. People who remained President Trump is visiting Florida and Georgia tomorrow CBS news update. I'm Alison keys case the best news time three thirty two is. Our Newswatch continues question. How old is the oldest living. Redwood tree you think it's one hundred years old thousand years old. Well, if you came close to either of those you were wrong, the oldest California. Redwood is approximately thirty five hundred years old, and as KCBS is Jeffrey Schaub reports hundreds of people came out in San Francisco to honor the magnificent trees whose numbers are only a fraction of what they were before the California gold rush, you're gorgeous blue skies..

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