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And that's what it sounded like yesterday in silver spraying as police broke up a Proud Boys protest outside a drag queen story hour our news partners at NBC four report police were called to the loyalty bookstore on ellsworth drive near veterans Plaza around 1 o'clock in the afternoon, video shows masked Proud Boys holding signs outside the event, some which read Proud Boys love children, Proud Boys hate pedophiles, a group of volunteers shielded the kids and their families from the protest, the volunteers say they were kicked and punched. No one was arrested. Officials in the outer banks are telling high school students in Northern Virginia, they're not welcome for beach week in June. This is especially true in the little community of Kerala, the villager says hundreds of students flooded the area, causing chaos and untold damage authorities believe that most were from Northern Virginia, property owners say they saw teens drag indoor furniture into the surf, were leaving themselves on neighborhood lawns and parents dropping off loads of alcohol, then disappearing. Last year agents made a 116 arrests over a two day period in June, including 66 charges for underage drinking. There are hard rules that almost all outer banks rental agencies that vacationers must be family groups and the renter older than 25. Ralph Fox WTO P news. Climbing the economic ladder can be a huge hurdle for young men of color, a local organization is bringing them face to face with the business world on the president's day holiday. We're going to have high school college and just young professionals come together to learn about different pathways, apprenticeships, college, as well as financial literacy. That's Eric king, executive director of the capitol youth empowerment program. The organization is hosting the all day event at Capital One hall and Tyson's tomorrow. Speakers include executives of color from various companies as well as former Alexandria school superintendent Gregory

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