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And i think we're gonna get our arms around this again. I think the vaccine is going to be enormously helpful. But we've got six months of really tough stuff in front of us. Where there i mean. I'm seventy two years old. I have to be really careful for the next six months now. When the vaccine comes people get a vaccine than they have to have a second one like a month later as it. Yeah right and you think how soon if i get the vaccine. This is something. I wanted to clarify for people listening to the show. Let's say i got a vaccine the first week of january and then a month after get another vaccine but i still have to distance from people and wear masks. Yes you really. Should that the truth is you'll probably have some minimal amount of partial immunity which vary greatly from individual to individual. Just why the numbers of on the second vaccine really matter. This is a peculiar virus which we have very little experience with heretofore. I mean there have been some you know the sars epidemic which was very small compared to this which we did not have a lot of success with a vaccine. But it wasn't nearly as contagious as this. I might add. The fatality rate was much higher than this one is so thank god. I didn't know the contagion rate. This is very very contagious. And it's an odd virus that which human beings have very little experience with. So that's most likely and i'm not a researcher but that's most likely the reason for the two vaccines my guess is. There's some immunity after the first shot. You really gotta get the second one. This is not something you want to fool with. And then after the second shot you still have to distance a mask and keep or you free to just move about in your safe. I would distance in mask. I wouldn't think i was free until we get to hurt immunity and that's about seventy percent vaccinated or having had the disease. We know that most people are immune after they get the disease. The problem is we don't know how for how law it could be only three months. We don't know how long vaccines gonna ask. You know the flu vaccine. You have to take every year and you have to get every year for two reasons. One we don't know how immune you are and to the flu virus which is a different wholly different family of viruses mutates like crazy very quickly. So you make it entirely different flu riders coming next year. That's why you get flu shots. Every year This we don't know that much about we do others. Been one mutation. Interestingly enough despite trump's chatter about china and all this the virus that most americans have is actually a european mutation but another and most of the virus in new york actually came from europe not from china because it was a we could trace it to european set of european travellers that actually came back from westchester county from a conference and that was the first case in new york so most of the virus in this country is the european variant now..

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