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The pilot another passenger were killed and Ted spent five months in hospital recovering from a broken back. Punctured lung and broken ribs. Worse was to follow as reporter. Andy Tila Explains Nineteen. sixty-nine Ted Kennedy that he was involved in what's now known as the Chappaquiddick incident. He had been at a party in. Martha's Vineyard for a group of young women who had worked on Bobby's presidential campaign the a year before he leaves the Party with one of the women. A twenty eight year old called. Mary Jo Kopechne me. I'm while driving across the bridge back from Chappaquiddick. Island loses control all crashes into the water. Ted Kennedy manage to escape from the car but Mary Jo did not Neri Jo Kopechne. He died in what seems to be in a tragic accident. Several things didn't add up. Senator Kennedy says he dived below the surface seven or eight times to try to rescue Before swimming to the shore and leaving drowned still trapped in the car that may be true but he then didn't report accident until the next morning after her body had already been found and why would he not report it did he just go home. Go to bed like nothing had happened. He also denied driving under the influence of alcohol and said that they had been nothing improper about his his relationship with Mary. Jo both statements have been called into question many times in the intervening years awake after the crash. Ted Ed Kennedy pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident and was given a two-month suspended sentence avoiding imprisonment. Oddly no autopsy was ever the performed on the body of Mary. Jo nonense seventy an inquest to Mary. Jo's death concluded that several aspects of Ted Kennedy Story of that night when not true get another cover up which is now becoming the modus operandi of the Kennedys. Hiding the facts. Mary Jo Kopechne. He was a cover up combination combination. I think just some pressures behind the scenes having nothing to do with politics look counties and disgraced. The Kennedy Curse was not limited to the sums of Joe Senior however over the coming decades there with the incidents and deaths all involving John Genius seniors cousins four of them. The sums of Bobby Kennedy that did seem to be this extraordinary run of accidents. Reckless behavior bad. Look call all it what you will with. Bobby's kids I'll just run through a few of them in August. Nineteen seventy three when he was twenty. Bobby's eldest son. Joseph crushed his jeep and none took it badly injuring his brother. David Back and permanently paralysing. David's girlfriend Kelly. As a result of that David became addicted to painkillers which then escalated collided into heroin. He was later found dead in a hotel room in Palm Beach in Nineteen eighty-four from an overdose of a cocktail of drugs including cocaine and Emerald. Then you've got another brother Bobby junior also using heroin. He was arrested in one thousand nine hundred three firearm possession falling near overdose himself then. Finally finally this Michael who died in nineteen ninety-one in Aspen Colorado. He had been playing football on skis without any kind of helmet other safety equipment when he hits a tree just this is a kind of postscript the same year that Michael died another cousin. William Kennedy Smith who was a son of John. Juniors on gene was arrested and charged with the rape of a young woman he had met while drinking at the bar in Palm Beach with his uncle. Ted Kennedy she alleged after they had returned to the nearby Kennedy state hits sexually assaulted her a trial. Oh however he was acquitted of all charges so it seems as just as kind of litany of recklessness bad behavior criminality and bad look running through all these kits according to Leon Wagner at least he was never tempted by drugs. John didn't didn't use drugs he deliberately didn't because he had a fear of them because mostly because his cousins David Michael Bobby Junior all use tear on and had some terrible experiences with David and Michael Bus died Michael accident but he was inebriated at the time. And Bobby Junior was arrested in South Dakota and for possession of heroin and then he just didn't like to be around drug use at all. John Junior may have stayed away from drugs but like so many his family he had inherited the Kennedy wild streak in the sixty years almost since John Kennedy was assassinated. There have been a death in the Kennedy entity family and accidental death Kennedy family every two years nearly exactly every two years which is pretty extraordinary. I think for any family even a large family. Like there's at sort of sounds like a curse to me but like I say it's a curse that they to some degree brought upon themselves EXPI- risky behavior John F. Kennedy Junior was fearless and some say. He was very reckless if he took extraordinary chances as a skier as a kayaker on the water just any occasions. People said. You'RE GONNA kill yourself. What are you doing? As a reporter assigned to Cava the Kennedys for most of his career. Leon Wagner Watch John Junior grow from a stoic boy into a headstrong strong young men were wild kids. They're fun to be around and you never knew quite what to expect from them. I I have to say that. They had a tremendous exhibition EST streak and and enjoyed showing off particularly given the fact that they're comb their their compound of of of homes was a huge trust attraction and there was a constant stream of traffic driving having five miles an hour past the compound hoping for a look inside some of the Kennedy cousins of John. Juniors seniors had a habit of coming out front and posing and then yanking their blouses up and flashing the tourists and as one one of them told me that will give them something to talk about when I get home. When he was in Hyannis port he would do things like he would take his cousins and this is part of his exhibition EST thing to he would organize a party at the Hyannis Port Yacht Club which is just across the street from compound on the Ocean and day Chris Private club and it's locked up at night but of course they had the Kennedys had keys to it so they could get in anytime they wanted and they would go take six packs of beer and drink and they would take off their clothes and skinny dip in the the ocean off the dock midnight? Two o'clock in the morning they kind of did whatever they wanted. They ran the place and the cops more or less that surrounded the compound that temporary cops They were just hired for the summer. And we're really hired for the purpose of guarding the Kennedy Compound town and I may translate with with a couple of them and they told me some stories that make your hair stand on end about Some of their antics like like for example. One of the Kennedy Women. Jean Kennedy would tie ropes onto the back of her car and drive around with the kids on their bikes hanging onto the back of it and shouldn't go. Slow should go fifteen twenty forty miles an hour. I mean fatality if something God forbid happen.

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