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It's my opposition as the way the markets moving right now i have not checked insider trading but i'm willing the best two dollars against doughnuts that they've all since trump that then they had their times a fox amazing what they figured they were going to get back in cash if they can pull back through here and there are already taking that money and buying their own stops fact ways here right now and i'm willing to let me dry net that's just like commentary all right will let it stand as an editorial common and led so other vargas said kate warner carrying geoffrey marshall wants to respond all right actually i got a lot of questions it let me go to them from listeners here's mark mckay who wants to know let me go to you on his sir kenneth how much are we still benefiting from a market much repaired says the meltdown of two thousand seventeen thousand nine oh that's a great question i mean we might be in the late stages of benefiting from the you know what happens during a serious recession is the companies get very slim they get much more efficient of necessity their access to capital markets is in the strong their free cash lewis down their profitability is down so they trim the fat very well and so once economic grwoth were turns they participate in that with a much leadership and so entering new growth faces the company's exhibits tremendous productivity which would roughly be calculated by uh profit per employee and then after the years go on things get better they start to get fat.

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