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And so I wanted to be able to recipe to gun and it's so hard. I think when you're going through the diagnosis and people are wanting you to make these kind of quick rapid. Decisions. It's hard to really know what, how that's going to impact her life. And you know, some Thurs sometimes. Now when I kind of wish I was more symmetrical and maybe that would mean being all the way across. And then there's other times where I am thankful that I only removed the breast that had the cancer because you know, brush our his Soanes and it's nice that I have options as far as that goes like. But those things did not enter my thought process at all when I was deciding about wrestler Gery, and I feel that I was really lucky that I had a surgeon who heard me and did what I wanted. He didn't make me feel like e-e-e-e-no. I think that some women get the kind of they get a lot of input from the urgent as far as like, well, you know, men prefer breast than what you be happier metrical and we can give you the breast. You've always wanted like there's just a lot of other discussion. That happens around breast surgery. I feel like I was really lucky that my husband and I talked about it, we decided what felt right for us. I talked to my surgeon about it. He was like, sure, whatever you want. And he made me like super flat on that side which I'm now aware of that some women don't even get, they think they're going to be Superfly. And then it turns out that there surgeon is leaving skin in case they decide to have a expand our. And redid section later? Yeah, which I feel really lucky that he just he heard me and he did it, and I've been very happy with the result. It's. Oh, how did you. Select your surgeon? My. How did you find him or her? Again, I feel like that just sort of worked out in my favor or with very little research and Santa Cruz where pretty, you know, our proximity to Stanford and other, you know, the big facilities in San Francisco is pretty close. And so my on colleges Stanford trained that practicing here in Santa Cruz, which I was really happy about that I could just keep my treatment local. And then through hen he recommended if you are a couple of different surgeons and I just went, I think with the one, the first one on the list, and he turned out to be great. He's retired now. So I feel lucky that I got him right before. But yeah, it says it was kind of a word of mouth saying, and I didn't. You hear so much about second opinions and everything. Now I, I didn't even do just I got really lucky with my team right off the bat. Hey, everyone. It's Heather. And I'm here to tell you about the study buddies as an awesome new indie podcast.

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