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Who harry reid are the writer who had become a friend quite by accident on i met her by accident we became friends and then she was losing her sight and um she said to me you know i know that i am losing my site in the the the part that is is hardest for me is on i'll never read proosed again and saying zones year so we beg hand reading proof together but something i realised about all those books and one of them just coming down on the subway this morning on was that the hill who appeared not by choice in the way oh i'm going to read this right there was something accidental about you know each of the books the crossed my path and the other thing was and this is what i realise today that all the will i read many books very quickly those were red carry slowly they sort of open to these meditative spaces that i needed at the times in which i read them it has a feeling of destiny does it off about it it really does um you written fiction until now i just wonder if it was difficult for you to write your own story wait you know i think that writers are very different in this way but people have said to me reading this book that they felt they were reading a novel and sometimes with my other books people have said they're very close to met more day in terms of genre i i don't know um i know they're very separate for for for many writers for me but there is more of a shifting line between them i think because i do use the word i you know the narrator is is the i you have this beautiful they say where you you are always worry that you weren't living life to its fullest yeah because you're always reading in effect nearly my living my lives through my life that is these characters a do you still feel like that would you do feel like you've exercised at a little bit through the book i i did you know um i think it was through reading to diane anc truly um the because i read so obsessively when i was a teenager i just read my eyes out and it didn't seem to me i was doing anything except reading hence and that i.

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