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Worked as azoff to become one of the most famous wrestlers of all time, we're gonna take care of business tonight. And that's the bottom line. Now, he's dumb eating the world of on demand audio and he's doing it for the work in man. This is a bad good out of the full miniscule. The bullshit off my brain. This is Steve Austin on league. Steve Austin show live currently I don't bake recharge and batteries, but just because I am recharged batteries. We still got business. Take care of. In the meantime, we'll be playing some of the most requested Steve Austin show classics that have been locked away in the archives. I got a great one for you this week. And here's my producer shown to tell you all about it readings and welcome to another classic episode of the Steve Austin show. It's producer Sean bringing you episode number sixteen originally, titled shower mishaps and fan appreciation, although ongoing to retitled this one Steve Austin falls in the shower original air date may thirtieth two thousand thirteen this is a somewhat famous episode of the podcast and very early on its run where Steve talks about falling in the shower and almost mortally wounding himself. However, he was very lucky to not do that and goes on to the scribe how that will not happen again. And how he's going to be more safe in the shower. So for you folks out there for some showers safety tips. Listen further. And you'll be enlightened also Steve talks about going to buy some tampons then he goes on to read some of your emails, the emails that he gets at questions at Steve Austin show dot com as well. As takes a few phone calls from the listeners, be sure to get your questions in while Steve is on break. He will be checking those I am certain to have some stuff to talk about when he gets back from his break questions at Steve Austin, show dot com is that address. All right time for this day. Steve Austin history today being February twenty eighth I got the right date this time in nineteen Ninety-three, Chicago, Illinois, I'll give you one. Guess what happened in one thousand nine hundred three? Oh, I can't hear you. Okay. W W tanking champions, Ricky steamboat and Shane Douglas defeated Steve Austin and Brian pill. Illman I'm certain as match will be continuing to happen. Well into the month of March because those teams did futile lot and the early part of.

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