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Chairman Elijah Cummings says the White House has refused his request for a slew of documents for the Democrats wide reaching probe. Here's correspondent Manu Rosh. With the latest from Capitol Hill White House counsel pats baloney, sent a letter to Cummings essentially rejecting the democratic demands and not answering the range of questions that they have it basically arguing that the committee is not a pursuing this under legal grounds are not legally obligated to receive this information also saying that it's a violation of rules of the house to after such an expansive document requests, an independent investigation by the California DOJ has now concluded that the officers involved in Stefan Clark's shooting will not be charged state attorney general hobby airport. Sarah says this was a thorough investigation. Independent of the DA. As office which reached the same conclusion based on those objective facts, we make a determination of what the officers were proceeding and how they could Sarah says from the evidence Clark came out from behind a picnic table with an object in his hand later found to be a phone and began advancing toward the officers. The officers shouted for him to stop repeatedly shouted show your hands than gun as Clark continued toward them. Sarah says the officers were justified in fearing for their safety and firing. I'm Jim Roope. A man who suffered serious injuries after crashing an electric scooter is now suing the city of Los Angeles, Nathan bliss, alleges large pothole on Wilshire boulevard caused him to crash. She broke his right femur and suffered five fractures that required surgery and eight metal screws the lawsuit alleges he's been unable to work since last September's incident, and if seeking unspecified damages the LA city attorney's office says it's reviewing the lawsuit, and they have no further comment.

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