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What at brian alvarez 514 at greg bergman what episode of lingo were you on i'll check it out what really somebody's going to check out who is going to go and ato to check out in gold episode of lingo with legs moreno leave it's a veil noah and i'm sure it is i'm sure it is i know you at find the eighty argument how do you do on that episode they lost be better heels like 12 years ago i am now more worried about brian alvarez that i am sam darnell because this is what he's doing with his time he's got too much of it all right so i want to get to the cam newton story bullets we promised we will get to this this lonzo thing brian cheminant ski we we have this here's luke talking about lonzo now we talked a little bit earlier to sam donald who's coming off that loss of friday night in washington state and pullman and he was and i'm not just even joking about it he just sounded dejected sad we've had leaders who've had examined the show before in you know he's a he's an upbeat guy any did sound dejected to me in credit him i mean you don't have to do interviews after you take a lost mean we requested roman they gave him to us and i actually have of every exit ramp we could firearm he was like nope my fault yeah he was ought to you as john he was taking it all on himself and you know i think samil bounced back from i think a learn from it i think the saturday ms a great opportunity to uh to throw up some numbers in and feel good about yourself again but i mean there's no question that coming into the season there was a great deal of hype around you s i felt like they were on the razor's edge for the first four games and thought every game was at zero sum game just get out of there with a win i felt the same about friday they didn't do it is there a slim chance that they go undefeated to all the way through the packed world championship game and get into the college football playoff yes there a chance but i you know i think it at this point.

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