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All right. And that's at Nelson's today's show. Today's show is with Michael Blunk v. Michael blonde. He's been on the show back in episode number sixty six here's the thing. This show is both incredibly high level and incredibly let's keep the cookies on the lower shelf. In other words, it's kind of like I remember back in the day. When I read the book to ABC's of real estate investing by Ken McElroy. It was like this is everything about multifamily you need to know. And it was really like a sparked my interest in it. Which is why ended up by my first apartment complex this episode is going to be like that for you. I really hope. So anyway, it says like here's everything you ever wanted to know about getting started with buying apartment complexes. And like literally it's like thirty questions. We just like boom, boom, boom. Boom, david. I just go back and forth because we're so interested in this ourselves. And so this show is definitely one. You're going to want to take notes on definitely when you might wanna listen one two three times. And of course, Michael blank. You know, he has. Book as well. If this up is overwhelming, he's got a book called financial freedom with real states. It's a real estate investing. It's really really good in. So if you want to dive deeper to get that book or get the ABC's of real estate investing. There's a lot of books out there. But learn this stuff, right? This is not that complicated. But the first time here, and you might be a little overwhelmed. If you've never heard this stuff before but stick with us, you're gonna love this show all about how to get started with real estate investing through apartment complexes. And with that. Let's get the today show. All right. Michael block. Welcome to the bigger pockets podcast again. How you doing man, I'm doing awesome? And that's good to talk to you again. Yeah. Yeah. It's been a while since you're on the show. I was like what was it back in the sixties? Wasn't it? Thirty years ago. I for sure yeah. It's been like four hundred years. So I wanted to kind of see where you transitioned to way you're at today. And I kinda know topic of where we're headed today, and that's a parliament complex syndication something that I really want to get more involved in David I know wants to get more involved in. So today, we're just going to pretend that the audience is not here, and we're just gonna pick your brain on exactly how we're going to get started with larger syndication. I think that'll be fun. But before we get there. Let's just kind of go back and for those who did not listen to your first episode. I guess what? Where who are you? Where'd you come from? How did you get into real estate and kind of walk us through your very first kind of entrance into real estate? Yeah. So I have a background like many other people. I was taught to get good grades. Get a good job. And that's what I did. I got into computer science is actually a programmer believe it or not it wasn't a very good program. But that wasn't right. Play. You know, right place right time joined the software startup late in the ninety s call web methods we appealed in March two thousand and put a bunch of money my pocket, and I was demand. Then. In two thousand four I read the rich dad poor dad, which ruined my life. Because when I read it, I was like, man, I'm such an idiot. Doesn't matter how much money in the Bank. It depends on how much passive income. I have which I had basically none. So after several months of really like man, I decided to throw it all away, and I just quit my job. And just did everything I learned how to trade stocks and options. I flipped a house. I took an apartment building boot camp. But my big idea was restaurants. And before you judge me, which you you're you should judgment before you judge me. I was surrounded by French burger franchisees, and they're like, oh, we're going to hire a guide he's gonna run. And we saying we're just gonna you know, we're going to fund it, and it's essentially a passive investment. I was like, well, that's great. That's my cash flow business. So I went all in Brandon. I took my chips and went boop kaslo business. I'm in because I want financial freedom. Now. Make a long story short. I subsequently lost my appeal.

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