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Blow it up and start again fourteen pieces and make a push they first had to determine if there's a team are going to make a legitimate playoff run or if they would be better served planning for the future and they were smart the Rangers actually planned for both they tell Brady Shea to Carolina for twenty twenty first round draft pick and they locked up their most important player in Chris Kreider now as Chumbawamba tub thumping from whatever year that was I was my fifth grade when I came out I thank there gave got knocked down because unfortunately days after signing that seven year extension Chris Kreider took a puck off his left foot Friday night sustained a fracture now will the Rangers get back up again we don't know that is yet to be seen because our second was ugly I watched that I that I watched beginning to end and when he got hit with a puck and then the foot and he went right down immediately knew something was up recovery time I am put in about eight weeks so on or about April twenty fourth we're looking at a return that's eight weeks from the injury right which is well into the playoffs provided that the Rangers get their and again you think about this it's a lower body issue so is cardio vascular fitness will also suffer so if he does come back for a playoff run and if they are in the playoffs at that point in time is that going to be a hundred percent it's just not possible so I guess good news and bad news for the Rangers I guess if you want to categorize it as that the twenty first.

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