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Techniques. Throw is one of a dozen or so experts restore everything from ancient manuscripts to priceless. Masterpieces here in Rome at the N T paper and parchment restoration lab, or it's shorthand name LA pathogen the Libro the book pathology center, it's a small hospital like building tucked behind a museum on a shady side street founded in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight it's the oldest institute in the world that repairs ancient books, the restorers are experts in everything that can affect paper fungus insects bacteria. They do DNA analysis and study the metallic traces of instruments used on paper. One discovery. They've just made is that Davinci used a copper tip stylists to draw his portrait of a girl renowned among art experts is one of the most beautiful drawings in the world experts used to thank he drew with a silver. A gold tipped stylus. Dipietro pulls out another Leonardo treasure a leatherbound notebook. It's crammed with his famed right to left writing that needs to be read with a mirror and sketches of his inventions. Check wa. Today on one page are priceless. Diagrams of bats and air currents part of his quest to build a flying machine on another page a shopping list with the price of chicken and brand even geniuses have to eat in our meal. Iran. Nearby twenty nine year old restorer sceviour Filippini sits at a microscope and studies another priceless. Artifact a richly and elaborately decorated Ashkenazi Jewish tax that dates back to March thirteen forty nine will concentrate on them. Yeah. Although she applies special nontoxic Japanese glued to the ink and pigment that had detached from the page. Maybe today is strange to think, but for centuries or the history or the documents of all our cultures are written in paper and parchment. So if we do not conserve this not years, we lose every weakness of our history. Filippini has worked on everything from ancient Armenian bibles to hundreds of moldy banknotes recovered from a sunken cruise ship. She says in a world of digitalized records. It's easy to believe that preservation of paper, no longer matters. But she says with technology's evolving so fast, the cost of transferring pictures to new formats is costly and time consuming, it can be cheaper and more effective to preserve the original today. A lot of energy. Concentrated in digitization. And but digitization doesn't one server something forever. In fact, is much more difficult to conserve digitize the item we still have five centuries walks. We will not have five centuries. Digitize the pictures. But if properly restored and conserved these paper treasures can live for hundreds of more years. Megan Williams, d-w, Rome. If you'd like to contact the show, we would love to hear from you. Here's our Email address Europe D W dot com. This is inside Europe. And I'm Keith Walker in Bonn, Germany. This is inside Europe. And I'm Keith Walker in Bonn, Germany, coming up in the next half hour, a disagreement escalates between Athens and the British Museum over the Parthenon. Marbles also known as the Algan marbles. The UK tries a new approach to get children interested in ballet. Sitting.

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