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Really good job with that I believe that's what the only in the one point the other night we gave up for five one five chance against we've done that since I've been here which disappointing we work hard that week you saw the practices they were very high temple I compete with the size lower five oh five and translated now is brining bomb who's the sun sports analyst for the lighting so me on lighting power play live earlier tonight he feels good about the team's play recently I like it like you think we can see that the progress in the areas that John Cooper has talked about they started off this season the wanting to be a different team and we all for good reason he can't reproduce that sixty two win season back to back there's not a chance so trying to recreate what you did yesterday that's a really bad idea that's a losing attitude before you even hit the ice the offense has not been dazzling and that's okay I'm I'm fine with that it will be and there will be times where the gonna make those great place but their plane much more playoff style hockey in October then they have the last couple of years really and they realize this is a long road to to our getting to where they want to be once April rolls around I've seen that the progress they've made especially probably the last three games even though they last the Nashville the other game in overtime I thought for the most part that was a really good solid game there's gonna be a lot of mistakes in the game and a lot of different ways but overall I really like the feel of that game even though a lot and as I said earlier they can build off of that game for sure now the schedule has been challenging for the lightning really since the start of the season they've got three games in four nights as I said earlier they play the doubles tomorrow night and then of course set out to Sweden next weekend with these long road trips you wanna make sure you play well early get as many points as you can early on in my McDonough believes this road trip is huge so.

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