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Him to do that, and maybe do that more regularly than he was able to do with the twins. So that's nice. The only other thing was Kurt Suzuki resigning with the angels. Sure. Minor move. Back up catcher move here, not really worth mentioning except for the fact that I am a prolific watcher of the angels and this means that I will have to see more Kurt Suzuki on my screen in 2022, not thrilled about that. And as someone who watches the angels all the time because of Otani and because of trout, hopefully, I am someone who wants to see a competitive team around them and potentially even for those guys to make the playoffs, that would be nice and so it's been sort of deflating to watch them not do anything as of these other teams were doing things. Now they weren't trading away any of their good players, so I guess you take what you can get. But they weren't really adding to their roster and they haven't added a whole lot to it this off season. They added Noah cinder guard who is promising and talented, but hardly the 150 or 200 inning guy that they have been lacking for so long they've been lacking a hundred in a guy in some seasons. So they don't have a ton more rotation certainty and to bring back Kurt Suzuki, that just seems like a lower imagination move or just like a low ceiling move sort of like he's 38 at this point. He seems pretty washed just watching him last year like he didn't hit and I know he had hit for a few seasons before that. He actually had sort of a late career offensive renaissance. But I don't know that I buy that that's still going to happen. Maybe he had some bad babbitt block last year, but he's not a hitter at this point his career, I don't think. And he is not a framer. He is reliably one of the worst framers, which I take personally sort of because he was often the personal catcher of Shohei Ohtani, the angels have a much better receiver in max Stassi and I hope that those two work together more often this year because I just want to see you have the best performance that he can and even if he vibes well with Suzuki on a personal level in some way. I think it would be helpful for him to work with Stassi Moore. So again, like it's a backup catcher move, it doesn't make all that much difference probably. But it just seems like a continuation of the angels like having enough to give you hope because as long as they have trout in ohtani and hopefully a healthy Rendon, they certainly have enough to contend in theory, but then not making the move. We're not making the right move that pushes them over the hump and you shouldn't have to do that much to get over the hump when you start with that duo or that trio. So I'm hoping they can defy recent history somehow, but I'm not super optimistic based on their recent activity. So if they signed cars Correa or Trevor story or someone at this point, they're still maybe moves that can be made, but they're running out of options to make a major difference. Yeah, I think that you're right that in a vacuum, this is like whatever. Who even cares? But within the sort of world where we would like to see a very competitive and robust angels team propel players that we like a lot to the postseason and spare you from having to watch really, very bad framing. Yeah. You know, this doesn't clear either of those bars. So that's how long I'll have to watch framing at all. So let me go out on a high note here. Right. Let me watch. Maybe this. Yeah, maybe this will turn you into a rope ozone joke. Maybe this will be what pushes you over the edge. But yes, it does seem like the window they have to really meaningfully improve the roster is rapidly closing if it hasn't already, and they don't exactly have any really terrific farm system depth to trade from to go secure, say, Louise Castillo, who is probably very available because of what the reds have done. So they just seem like the real tool they had to improve themselves, this off season was to spend, and that spending needed to come both at a greater volume and much earlier in the calendar for it to make a difference because, you know, they're not in they're not in the market for Carlos Correa, they don't really like, that's not the most pressing need, although shortstop isn't exactly like an area of strength. So I don't know, man, it's just sort of a bummer. You want there to be more for our very favorite, our very favorites and we're not maybe going to get it. Can I admit to something? Sure. It's not that I forgot that Anthony Rendon exists, but I may be forgotten. So yeah, like if Anthony Rendon is healthy, that could be pretty great, but one of the very best players in baseball, very recently. Yeah. Yeah. Gosh, it would be, I mean, it won't happen, but we have the angels as having the fourth worst projection for shortstop. They are worse off in that department than both the Orioles and the D backs, which isn't like a stack you want to be behind. So that would be sure cool if they swooped in at the last minute, but that's not going to happen. They're not going to do that. Are you ready? I didn't want to raise the CBT threshold at all. He's not spending money. Yeah. Doesn't want to pay minor leaguers either. So yeah. All right, well that's all I got. Apologies to everyone who's teams moves we did not discuss, but again, Meg in the fame graph staff have been very diligent in covering even the most minor of moves, so just go to fangraphs and look at the regent signing and trade tags and you can find a whole long Whitney of posts there. Cover every conceivable thing that has happened. And I, the managing editor of fan grass might even be preparing a big summary post that we will update as more signings come so that if you are flummoxed by the blog roll, you don't have to worry about that. But yeah. All of our writers have done a really tremendous job, as always, John Taylor has done a fantastic job helping to bear the editorial load. So it has been quite busy. We really appreciate everyone coming and hanging out with us at the site. It's nice to be able to chat with you all about things that aren't the CBT, even though. As you said, the CBT is the river that runs through every signing, but it is nice to get to contemplate what some of these teams are going to look like with fun free agents on their rosters who weren't there when various days began and I will probably remember most of them by July just in time for some of them to get traded. All right. Well, we will end this episode and start the production process. Hopefully before many more moves are made, although we will see..

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