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For the felony charge of injury of the elderly for injuring sixtysixyearold paraplegic who was working at rg stadium to control access to the field at the super bowl here is the police chief of huston his name is art esa vado describing the incident from the super bowl mr bennett forcibly open the locked doors at the southwest corner of the energy budweiser tunnels even even though security state he did not have access to the tunnel to get to the field in an attempt to push his way enforces away into this field again mr bennett forcibly open locked doors he pushed back a a one female was twenty eight years of age white female twenty years of age and push back a another male individual mr bennet then went up to a sixty six year old black female employees again of the nrg paraplegic and pushed her mr bennett assault on this individual actually caused injury according to medical records a sprain of her shoulder mr bennett mr bennet then continued to try to get through this is one of the things that michael bennett apparently was in town for was to watch his brother martellus bennett who was playing for the new england patriots this is in february of two thousand seventeen so this indictment is kind of years later just a strange is there is there more jeremy that is it this is the six year sixtysixyearold victim he pushed through the charge injury to the elderly includes intentionally and knowingly causing bodily harm injury to a person sixty five years or older at carries a penalty of up to ten years in prison and ten thousand dollar fine as a result of the indictment a warrant has been issued for bennett's arrest wow let us go quickly to david in mesa arizona david you're on the michael medved show i just wanted to a state of not survey i've been noticing on a lot of these different attacks that have been coming from the left or the liberal side of things and stuff and what i've come to conclude is that it's basically an attack on anything that has to do with masculinity whether it comes to guns or hunting or gender you know it seems like if it's masculine it's wrong and also you know and you can even you could even include that with this story that i was reading earlier about this guy hager men who is living out by himself on a pig.

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