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Mary, Mary solving murders. That's interesting problem solving murders, who is. Finally, my Angela lansbury zero point for Laurie. I feel like I'm really you guys are gaining up on me. Third one Ken. Name of the sitcom. That was about the humorous lives of various New York City cab drivers taxi. What is taxi tax? Of course. I love that show cabdriver in the easy to forty one for Julia. Here we go. He wanted supporting actor Oscar for his role in Jerry Maguire, who is Gooding junior Odin. Eight. Trouble lately. Has he's got groping, although it sounds like that was that lady made more of it than it was. She was sitting with him. I think our friend, this is why a lot of big stars have bodyguards. So they don't get into any situations with regular people who are famous like them and go to the SoHo. Yeah. All right. It's two to here we go. He presided over the O J Simpson murder trial. I'm sorry. Judge don't judge? Remembers I Robert land Lance Ito Lance NATO's the judge. All right. So three flory to for Julia. Here we go. In the movie, the pursuit of happiness, who is both. We'll four Laurie to that judge. Lance Ito was not an easy one. I'm good. One of the more he made himself. A judge should not be that visible. And he loved the limelight. Love knowing that people knew who he was, and he was as hungry is any of the lawyers for attention. Yes, the good. I'm not to get John SNL. I'm sure he did. Yeah. All right. Four Laurie to Julia. Joey you can't win the game. But you can at least make it respectable. If you could tell me, Eddie Murphy, had trouble with children in this nineties movie comedy, not coming to America. Daddy. Daddy's babysitting. The babysitter. Big daddy, daddy. Camp. I loved this movie. Where.

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