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It's probably not rational. You really got no reason. It's just the track record. Should these dc movies. Stover tracker for batman is mostly. Yeah yeah that's a good point. I mean eh. Batmans been even from the schumacher on once. I don't think there's ever been like a of mainline. Batman movie that i've hated like there's no unwatchable batman even like in movies where the actual movie isn't that great like the league like was good like he was not the problem with those movies. So this is what it is. So that's kind of the news. On bamut i guess Quickly other battery read manscaping got an ice saw. I think kendrick. And i both got a mail from them. We did. Did you get a lawn. Mower three-point oh it's a cologne. Yeah they do you put on your you know your your no no no. Oh they're going. They're going full body. And you're standing there mushrooming out no pun intended. Yes happy new year for manscaping. Best in men's below the waist grooming offering precision engineer tools but also some fantastic cologne can holding. I'm going to describe it. It's like a square black box thing. That's classy guys. Are now here when hugh the spritz spritz with tell me what the top note is that sound duty oh. That's right into the mike incredible. All the artist is right. What's what's the top note is woodsy. Is it citrusy is our i would say. It just smells to me like a mosque. The good and i love that. Yeah i'm like kimball. Must not his brother. I'm gonna railroad their copy here. I'm not gonna talk about the ball. Spitzer the crop provider. I love that cologne. This the coombe. We'll talk about the cologne sort mask. If you're mad at me. Let me know. But the cologne is fantastic and it came in a very presentable like good packaging good packaging. It was neat. I didn't want to throw the packaging away. And i know some. I can't wait. Can i just use the clone as the ball. Scherzer may be willing to bet. There's some stuff in the cologne. That's not going to be good for that. I'm gonna say don't do that gets the reviver. I'm getting ahead of that. I'm just getting ahead of it for manscaping..

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