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Point nine FM and w VM news win, you dot com. WBZ news time nine oh five. It's Saturday may eleventh. Good morning. I'm Jim goodies, cloudy skies. Forty nine degrees at O'Hare AccuWeather says we're heading up to a mostly cloudy, high fifty seven could see a shower here or there. We'll have the complete WBZ AccuWeather five day forecast. Coming up in just a few minutes. Our top local story on NewsRadio WBZ m a former teacher from Arlington heights has been found. Guilty of molesting a child in Arizona. We get the story from WBZ micros forty eight year old Thomas Chantrey pastor had been a teacher at Christian liberty academy in Arlington heights from twenty two to twenty six before that he led a church in Prescott Arizona, and that's where he was convicted of molesting an eleven year old boy prosecutors say it occurred more than two decades ago, they say he told the child he would be punished by God. If he reported the abuse. Chantrey faces more charges in Arizona. Aggravated assault child molestation and child abuse from allegations dating between nineteen ninety eight and two thousand the daily herald reports he was accused of battery for allegedly severely spanking a five year old student at Christian liberty in two thousand four but the parents declined to press charges, Mike Crausser, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM. The teen mother and father of a baby boy abandoned in an alley earlier. This week are charged by prosecutors with attempted murder. Police say the sixteen year old mother and seventeen year old father accused of abandoning the babies shortly after birth and putting him in a bag in an alien the thirty seven hundred block of north Polaski. Investigators say the baby's grandmother retrieved the baby and took him to the fire station, the baby was then taken to a hospital a forty three year old man is facing charges after he is accused by police have stabbing Chicago police officer during a confrontation yesterday Damian Brooks is charged with one felony count of aggravated battery to. To a peace officer police say they responded to reports of a battery one hundred thirty second king, Dr Brooks's accused by police have stabbing caillat district officer in the neck and arm when he tried to take him into custody. The twenty seven year old officer was taken to a hospital listed in good condition. Chicago cardinal blaze soup, which has condemned what he calls anti semitic statements made by nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, southside, Catholic.

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