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Because by the time you saw a lot of these guys specials by the time you saw a lot of these people on T. They were they were selling sandwiches timing was perfect. Right. Yeah, but we didn't because you know, we know now that's not the case. We know now about bombing. We know now about going to open mics and trying out material and it's in the painstaking process. It takes the grind and get that material right and everything but back then we didn't know. Yeah, so for years, so either way fast forward for many years people have been telling me, you know, you should do you should do stand-up you should do stand-up. I think you're dead funny. I think you're funny how we tied like a different type of sense of humor like pretty dark but make muhfucka stink kind of like yeah weird right always had you know, some type I didn't have the convention a so-called black sense of humor. Yeah as a kid growing up so but I wasn't nerdy either with it. It's kind of like a weird mix here cuz like I said, I you like right now, I'm back in that middle. And I mean we were like you were already, you know, nobody but you're not like yeah. Yeah, what either you know, right, right exactly cuz I was exposed to to to all types of birth. I said, yeah and stuff coming up. So either way so real quick and fast forward I end up just trying it items. I said look man before I before I you know go on too long, I think I'm just try it. So I went to open mic. I went to open mic and I tried it and I liked it. But I knew that it was I was like it's going to be a long time before I can even make money doing this shit or whatever. So I took I took a short break started a business. And then while I was in the midst of put my business again, but I still kept getting the itch, you know, I mean and Then I end up going back. Like I ended up hitting my boy up when it was a couple of guys with high school with that. I knew was Comedians and one of them put me on a show like a like a talent show or whatever. He was co-hosting gave me a couple of minutes like 5 minutes. I performed that and then it just it just went from there and I did it also too as a coping mechanism cuz my mom had passed and stuff like that. So it was just like he had passed away my mom like I told you wondering if one of your people to have a new and I did it to help deal with her death as well. So it was it was one of those things. But yeah, man, that's that's pretty much that's the long and short. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's dope till I get you had this like awesome introduction and then like it happens every happens every time when you when you get on stage and do something people five it like you just you like oh shit. They love me Faith. We have peace motherfuker really love me and you get really addicted to that to that like that that audience reaction. You're like, you know, what can I do this shit again? I mean and then so then when you log, When you find like, you know, when you finally fucking I'm going to do it then that's been like when you do it and people and people I like you and they laugh is like oh shit. I think I got like you have that dumbass idea. You know what? I think I got one that takes but you don't realize like how much fucking hard it is to try to get all that shit out of you. You know O2 I realized the funny thing with me is I realize like I said, I wasn't a popular funny person meaning I wasn't a motherfuker that was people knew I was funny but the thing was it was like people who knew me knew I was wondering cuz I'm pretty I'm pretty guarded. I'm a pretty guarded person. So to speak, you know, people who got to know me they sat around me long enough. They knew I was funny but there would be some people that I knew them up and I mean, there's a comedian me just as a regular person and they will be like, yeah, I don't think you're funny, you know, people say that you I don't think then they hang around me for a while ago. Oh shit. You are really funny because they suck. And they don't understand what my with my sense of humor comes from or or the angles I have so when I started doing stand-up I realized that I've been doing my shit adds to the whole sense of humor. I've had my whole life. I've been doing it to the wrong. It's like this is where I belong to say the shift that I say because many of the things that I've said, like I've had people used to work at that, you know worked with people without school with or whatever and they come and see me perform and they go yo, man, you're fucking hilarious but some of that stuff stuff. I've said to them and conversations, you know what I'm saying? I've said to them and conversation I've said or whatever wage and people don't pay you any mind, but it's something about having a microphone in the spotlights on you. You say something it makes people pay attention a lot more, you know, and then they able to digest it a lot more so that it made me realize when they may I'm talking to the wrong fucking people, you know. Yeah, so I totally get that you just like you need you need people who like just have the same mind frame of view and also have people who can sit down and listen to them. Like, you know, what I I think this I I kind of believe it in this in this guy just said everything that I fucken think about that I can't say out loud. And it's bucket amazing. Like one key got my brain for a fucking second and like and it made me laugh with with that same shit, you know. Yeah, man, see if I see like that's that's the one thing about about doing comedy that's fucking dopes that you have, you know, once you get out there and you start doing it and you're in the world that you have all these you have you can put all your ideas to the Forefront to see if they actually prompt thank you know, which is great. Yeah. Yeah a lot of ideas that you just that you would feel that the average person would feel kind of shy about with them about you. Say it on stage and someone goes yo that confirmed it right? Yeah that confirm. I was just I just was thinking about that the other day or something like that..

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