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The congressman Elijah Cummings Baltimore home was broken into over the weekend tweet read too bad he then discussed it with reporters I always have and I thought that was too bad the wise guys no no one was hurt in the intruder took off but the incident has created another stir in Washington almost Jeff Pojulu spoke about it with A. B. C.'s Monaco's our R. V. this is just the latest back and forth between the president and a minority representative from Congress it is and you know this comes on the heels of the president and his rally criticizing the city of Baltimore once again that is congressman Elijah Cummings hometown and this is how they viewed or this a recent heat all day all started was when one week ago the president said that the congressman's district is a rat infested hell essentially and nobody wants to live and and he took a job to get a Baltimore but this time he went a little bit more personal on overnight the congressman's home reportedly was broken into by a man he was and he didn't steal anything because the congressman says that he was alerted by his security system and grinned at him and scared him off but his wife was home at the time he was home at the time and the president and then went on Twitter and making light of the situation and what's interesting about the situation is that in a rare rebuke former U. N. ambassador Nikki Haley told the president that his tweet was quote so unnecessary and put a little emoji of an eye roll on and also some Republicans came out one Republican saying that it was beneath the office that he held out for the president to make some comments like that so we've heard from anything from coming the odd but definitely even you know come ballots have been saying things of of all the things for the trump allies to criticize the president for this seems to be fairly minor because we saw is seen a number of weather's policy positions or or previous tweets that were even more offensive to some where the Republicans won't even touch it right there certain things it looks like you know each time the president makes controversial statement like the Mr goes after an adversary like this he pushes the line each time and test the waters sensually on and you know they're some of his allies to take offense to certain things he says for example there are some Republicans that ought to get sent to the go back to where you came from chant at that keeping it was a centre back chanted that broke out after his tweet telling for conversion of color to go back to the country that they came from but they always tend to walk a fine line as well where they might denounce something that the president has something particular the president says or in particular event without denouncing the president himself that's A. B. C.'s Monaco's are up the talking with almost Jeff PO jeweler watch out for fig guacamole it's the new thing at least the new thing that's got west coast health food fanatics in an uproar high temperatures and avocado crop areas of spurred spikes in prices which have caused some shifts to look the cheaper alternatives A. B. C.'s Kaylee Hartung has more the troubling because leaving some chefs to take another route using calibre Sita or Mexican squash a vegetable mimicking the texture of avocado but also a cheaper alternative to making everyone's favorite appetizer but the.

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