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Thirty one years after the original in eight years after the most recent sequel comes predator the fourth film and the standalone predator series, win the title aliens returned to earth with upgraded genetics empowers a science teacher and a group of former soldiers team up to try and stop them. Sci-fi actioner stars Boyd Holbrook Trevan roads. Keegan Michael key, Thomas, Jane and sterling K Brown. Also out is the thriller, a simple favor based on the two thousand seventeen novel of the same name, Anna Kendrick plays a mother slash blogger who along with her husband investigates, the disappearance of her best friend what they uncover or secrets betrayals and more intrigued than they ever expected. Blake lively Henry, golden, Andrew Reynolds, and Jean smart also star based on a true story. Matthew mcconaughey stars in white boy Rick set in the nineteen eighties. He plays a blue collar father who son started out as a street hustler became an FBI informant and later a drug dealer in his own, right? All before he turned sixteen Ritchie marriage. Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bruce turn and piper. Laurie also star in this crime drama. Still in theaters are the none crazy, rich Asians. Peppermint, Meg and searching and that's your weekend box office preview on iheartradio. Eggs, bacon, pancakes coffee. It sounds like a great breakfast. But is missing something stimulation the morning ritual with Jerry Lewis is on AM seven hundred Tucson's. Most stimulating talk six forty two. Thank.

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