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Over the man over to woody. Woo this one. Willie man how you doing good. Good good to good to hear your peter good to have you with us s. man and you too yuna not much sleep Up all manner random house. the gnome probably doesn't impact me as matches Mama cozy she. She sleeps at night normally before the baby whereas trading house has me up all nights sometimes. So it's a little bit more comfortable for me that it's a lovely experience ice baby so cute. The human species would be doing these babies. Were like not cute. Are you like silent with a baby on your own. Trading doesn't work. She demands one hundred thirteen. You look at the checking strain show immediately cry. Look back down again. Well listen man. After a rough couple of months things looking a little bit more bright now we got squeeze you predicted is looking pretty good yes finally it was like a main was getting pretty rough out there onto a delaying. It was like. I think willy's lost his mind. This thing's going to twenty thousand years a pretty strong squeeze experienced in the last week Being a slight to behold really. Well listen. I saw the people calling for twenty k. And the the comments on youtube saying will nonsense yadda yadda. That's when i started to get a bit more bullish because it kind of reminded me that time when people recording I think like eighteen hundred or something. When i think it was tone was maybe cooling for it and lay had a bet i was i was looking at the volume and the volume was pretty low. We were struggling to get understand thirty k. So i was like this for me. Felt pretty bullish actually went out on the bomoh. Bitcoin housing confetti said he feels like a base perfect yup Yummy via the that's eighteen hundred call to like iran will gang. Bearish perish perish the yeah. It's a it's funny thing because this thing was going sideways down for two months and Structurally.

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