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I mean pc sales are nowhere near will mobile devices are like a raelian android device his activated recorder something ridiculous so anyway fat poet interesting so i first of all the emi has to go away second of all why did they think it was a good idea to put an entire operating system with a rupp web server running and bring three of processor ring volume this is the best or waiting there yeah it it it is a disaster it's just i just that wall michael's little bit that that that mix is still around still gary gerhard lasko i like that an antitaliban is a genuinely nice chap really does actually iit's a retired we tried to realize what arben armagard minute controlled by medics looked it up he retired two four years ago i thank you so professor emeritus now too as the hangs out in in the um the mimics community she's not going to probably going to find out the slack whereas running my tv now patrick volk let's a big douglasville gog as well yeah actors easily the most popular looks questions for or something it is one of the more popularly yashin's for where the officials like we're forum so patrick isn't in our community hang out says is that dot was very idea but bike it wa no it was one of germany's many many life well see leg wearing your darkstar log in you would never get into lennick so i i i will always remember the first time i saw that docks though look impromptu was like this is pretty cool so.

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