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Cris Carlin. Emmett Golden and the drama in Houston just continues with two Shawn Watson reports out of Miami today from The Herald. And Armando. So Garrow saying that Shawn Watson confirmed two friends this week that his top two destinations as far as a trade scenario. Would be the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins in that order. Which brings us to straight talk, brought to you by straight talk Wireless and and think about that for a second. He cited the hiring of Robert Sala by the New York Jets. As the number one reason that he wanted to potentially go join the Jets as early as they are in their rebuilding process. And wanted the Houston Texans to interview Sala along the way. Think about the fact that in the span of just a few weeks Hey, superstar quarterback in the league. Wants to go play for the New York Jets. Not as yet forced to go My way like Brett Farve was back in the day. Oh, you wants to go play for the New York Jets. It must be a new year. It has to be and you know, and look, I like saliva, too, like I think he's gonna be a good head coach. But if I was this shine, I'd wait and see. You know, it's the Jets e think they gotta have a number of things, you know, toe workout. They just haven't been a stable franchise. Now. I say that understanding that the Texans are very stable. Right now, Um, I am surprised that there it feels like they're the last team that is waiting to find Ah, head coach when they let go of O'Brien early in the game. When teams do that usually feel like Oh, they have a head start. They have a head start on everything and they did have a head start on destroying the relationship with their superstar quarterback. How do you mess that up if all he wanted was just a little input. Even if you're not going to take it, you at least have to play the game. I am blown away that Houston has fumbled this the way that they have. How simple was it? After listening to him. Before you're going to go and announce to your guy is Just following up with him. Hey, here's a thought process. This is why we're going in this direction. This is what we think. And I think you would have avoided a lot of these problems now. I think there is something to be said for all of the issues about the about Social justice, public nearest comment a couple of years ago before he passed away and his overall dissatisfaction, but Now, if you're the Texans At what point here. Do you have to make your decision Because let's let's Figure this out pretty logically. Jobs number 12 and three for Nick a stereo or to fix this. You have to fix this. You can't let too. Shawn Watson walk away and you have to attempt to fix it more than once. Because this even though you're going to make a trade, and you're going to get a hall in return There's a reason that you're going to get a hole in return. This kind of quarterback never becomes available via tricked. Never never in. What I don't understand to your point is why they haven't tried that right. Listen, there's times when my wife and I get into disagreements. I won't call them arguments. I'll calm disagreements right and I go to talk to her, she says. Leave me alone. Leave her alone. But then I come back that you got to talk to her again. She said Leave me alone. I leave her alone. Then I come back. And before you know it, we're friends again, and we have a happy, healthy marriage. All you have to do when you have, especially a guy like of the shine Watson. It's just such a great football player. He just wants to feel like he's important. He got told he was important and then he got shown that he was not And I think that's the problem here. I believe it can be fixed. But they're doing a horrible job fixing this and it may be beyond repair. I know that's what a lot of people are saying, But I'd be going down swinging. If I was a Houston, Texas. Well, part of the problem. There is what they've been doing with the head coaching interview process and Okay. They've come around to actually interviewing Eric. The enemy and You say? All right, well, maybe they are legitimately doing it. Or maybe they're just doing it to try toe apiece to Shawn. At this point. Either way, it doesn't look good that they weren't planning on doing it in the first place. Now you hear names like Josh McCown and no offense to Josh McCown to me to suggest that you're gonna have a player come right off the field and become a head coach, even if they are as incredibly brightest. Josh McCown is You know, that's that's insulting to a guy like the enemy in a lot of ways. Why would he be competing with a guy like that for this job now and you know, earlier this week Alex Smith was asked about this now. Alex Smith would know all about Eric the enemy from their Kansas City days and Even Alex Smith is we hear from him now? Really surprised that the enemy is not a head coach yet? Think it's ridiculous that he hasn't been hired. Yet. It's I know that interview process is weird with the team that's still in it, But But regardless, I don't know. I don't see how you can excuse it. I think Eric's number one quality and it was apparently the first day I met him his leadership leadership ability. A true leader of men. Here's a guy that had played for a long time was a great teacher. Commanded respect because he gave respect also You know? How is it that when you have somebody like that Who is Really respected. I mean, I was looking for a different word but is respected as he is by his players, and he doesn't have this opportunity yet absolutely blows my mind. Maybe there's stuff that worked that we don't know about, but I honestly can't believe that it's that when you've had the Chiefs to be where they are the last couple of years. I've heard written people randomly throw out. Well, maybe he doesn't interview whales. Come on, work work, maybe then interview. Well, I mean in his interview what the Kansas City Chiefs are able to do on offense week after week after week. That's a hell of an interview for males about it. Listen, I know it's Patrick Holmes. But, you know, Hey, The other one that bugs me too about it is well, Andy Reid calls the place. Well, then why did Doug Peterson get a head coaching job? Why did Matt name get a head coaching job seems situation. So exactly the situation. He doesn't interview. Well stuff, right? I hate that. I hate that thing. And I see Josh McCown's name pop up and I really like Josh. You know, I know I'm a little bit from his time here in Cleveland, and I just have a great respect for him for the man..

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