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What the NFL scouting combine in full swing on Wednesday, a lot of news and notes and regards to the Patriots and we start with meetings. Yes, combine meetings, probably the biggest part for teams now in Indianapolis other than the medical evaluations that their team physicians do in India every single year is meetings, getting face to face with their personnel execs and the top draft picks in the NFL Draft in 2022 and the Pats are doing their homework on this wide receiver class. We've already reported on the fact that the Patriots met with three of the top wide receivers so far in indie and Ohio State's Chris olave, Alabama's Jameson Williams and Arkansas wide receiver treylon Burks on top of those three. We can also add to the list more top prospects out of the wide receivers meeting with New England and Alabama's John metchie who played with Mac Jones at Alabama and had a great rapport with Mac during that national championship season in 2020 and Kentucky do it all gadget wide receiver Juan Dale Robinson also confirmed a meeting with the New England Patriots brass in Indianapolis. So you have pretty much every top wide receiver prospect in the draft telling reporters in indie that they have met with New England at some point in the process. This goes on the heels of a lot of rumors connecting the Patriots to trade targets as well, such as Calvin Ridley, the Atlanta Falcons, and at this point, although this could just be smokescreen for the Patriots and we should mention that these meetings come with a grain of salt. This is a fact finding mission in Indianapolis. The Patriots are doing their due diligence by talking to all these wide receiver prospects and just because they had a meeting with them at the combine. Doesn't necessarily indicate that they are interested in drafting that player in April. But still, the Pats are kicking the tires on every available wide receiver. And at this point, it would be shocking if a legitimate wide receiver impact type of player at that position was not brought in by Bill Belichick this off season. We also heard from former patriots offensive coordinator and current raiders head coach Josh McDaniels, he was asked a lot of patriots questions at the podium today in the convention center in Indianapolis..

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