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And best production design this was of course the first to oscar ceremony since sexual harassment scandals shook hollywood and beyond and bears manly del barca was backstage oscars take to last year actors warren beatty and faye dunaway opened the wrong envelope for the best picture and ended up announcing the wrong winner this year they were back it's so nice soon you again after they announced the shape of water as winter director gigamon of total got on stage and check the envelope to see if was correct he smiled nodded yes then he held up one of his oscars are growing up merge law i thought it would never happen it happens that it does fishoutofwater love parable between a mute woman amphibious creature one four awards as this year's best director he now joins his friends and fellow mexicans off once a quad on and on one hundred one salazie nyati due in winning four of the past five best director awards i am i'm immigrant margo vaughan's on on hammami argonne bottlers my guy online hama among many many of you on the in the last twenty five years i've been living in a quandary all of our own part of it is here bought a razor your bars every were because they think that the greatest thing or our doors and our industry is to raise the lines in the sand we should continue doing that when the wall tells us to make them deeper that puerto dedicated if oscars to young people around the globe who he said are changing the world in the press room backstage he also said he was proud to represent mexico what we have the ring over world discourse through the world conversation is extremely important on them as film and boredom when to go to remember where were from remand though i have to say goodbye actor diane garcia but now thing the awardwinning theme song for this year's best animated picture cocoa which celebrates mexico and remembering family singers miguel and natalia laugher god that also joined him on stage in a kaleidoscope of mexican images music and dancing sin song in their speeches coco's producers adrian molina and garlic kate anderson thank their husbands and wives respectively and director.

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