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This is the message from houston you gotta have three days of water you gotta have three days of food perfect have yeah the forever in the house people tank of yeah you got to have annuals batteries and yes let's get more focused on the animals warrant x nine the pet expert was talking to us about that it is imperative that you have consciousness these dogs and cats are people to even though you may vary tom ado people do their members of your family for god's sakes take that seriously the would not want to be on the florida keys i'll tell you that i think that's a that's just tell you about a drift i think they're doing evacuations today right the as mandatory eighty thousand residents known a marathon where this programme is erred yep and then the other thing with your vacuous if you have an evacuation order go don't yet there with your house it's not worth it i mean that was what is is a very powerful storm yeah dealing with the fires there were people and by the way this guy who is probably on something of is trying to protect his loots at his home he ended up trying to stay during the fires in la angeles he stayed he was just telling the fire department he didn't need anybody who is trying to push the fire out with a blanket i mean the guy was a real nut it wouldn't leave his house and he got caught then all the resources that should be fighting the fire or should be cleaning up after the hurricane are then find your rescue your but because you're a dumb and didn't want to go and they told you tell that's exactly what happened with hurricane sandy only the on the jersey shore to i mean to governor christie said at the time don't hear being selfish your you are you are preventing you saying in your house is preventing resources from going to someone in a life threatening emergency accepted off i'll fish so jennifer let spend we've had daily updates on.

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