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Hills lifestyle magazine family. So if you start talking about about them, it's not pretty for me. Lying don't do that. Like, these people have come and they're spending their time to make you look beautiful. And if there's something you don't like, then voice it bring me aside. And just say, hey, I feel a little, you know, shinier whatever. Right. But when you start like kind of announcing its everyone and like. I look terrible. I pay kind. And and also the fact, and maybe this didn't occur to you. Because I know a lot of people say I forget the cameras are on. But I think that would elevate like don't diss a working makeup Amera. How'd you down? There's fifteen people around you with cameras and sound you don't forget there on Ryan don't. But I mean, and that's what I'm saying. You're hurting someone's business by being so vocal on the show. Well, you know for me like, honestly, I didn't think they would use it. I did not think because I thought that she was acting just so unprofessional. And I was like there's no way they're going to use this like she she's not gonna look great. Like, there's no way she's gonna look great. And so she saw the pictures and she hated them. She did not like them. And so we had the option of redoing the photo shoot, which we we did. And honestly, I didn't love the other pictures that we did for no other reason than I just had the vision in my head of exactly what I thought this should look like, and so we thought okay. Well, her decorah Taj, look so beautiful. Let's cut her head off. And so we did and. The truth is I thought honestly, I thought why waste such? I mean because really if you actually see the the photo shoot or the spread. It looks stunning. And I was like I'm not gonna waste everyone's time. Right. I'm I'm going to make sure that we, you know, use it. And so we did. And it looks stunning. And you just have no idea who it is. Does Lisa how the jewelry li- like is there a place to buy this jewelry? I believe you can buy it online. I believe it's Bander pump Makovsky dot com..

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