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Oh, oh. Back to the phones. We got we go, Dan and west on what's up with you. Dan. I still chasing those women. No. Sometime, I turn it on and off. He plays. What he wants to play. What's up? What's what's up? Every everyone is a little different. Yeah. Definitely veteran. How come the personnel playing on? I think it was on. Can arts plan. Plays all Elson. One. Yeah. Right. He completed the sleep number one draft pick. It hasn't done. He has to have a chance to really to be honest. Voice. Right. I mean, that's where are you going to let him go to not become a break out? I I would like to see him if they get out of the race you need to get him in the lineup. If you can. How big is on the phone? He's a big boy too. Isn't it? It's pretty big six eleven. Yeah. Six eleven to forty five. I can't see the staff shooting three point. But he hasn't played much. There's only played in two games this season. But he's six eleven to forty five. And then those two games he has a total of six points any blocked. Shots. Course, we check his record with the. Pardon me. How come you're not? He was in the league, the delay. He's in he's in the G league is played in six games. Had. He's averaging nineteen points. Free-throw percentage. Eighty four point eight percent, really. That's good field goal percent forty-three. What about three point thirty four? What about what about block shots? Two things blocks at three point play. How come how complete going outside the three point player in your bottle? Well, the opponent is going to get out but not by Griffin because he won't guard. Anybody let me ask you another question and Alison what's his rebounding house rebounds eleven point to London? Two defensive rebounds and point seven offensive offense. Rebound with defensive rebound. He's okay. How many minutes does he play thirty-three? It's not bad not bad. Get a shot here. What about your boy in in LA? My boy how about you talking about. Lebron pope. No in dominant. Oh god. He's not you can have for the first time in his career eight year career. I sees motivated a little bit the playoff. That's the first time. He's been motivated. He's looked good. Ron. Casey. And Rams I. I picked New Orleans to they got knocked out. So on going now with New England. Who would you pick to New England? Rams and Casey. But casey. Didn't quite make the defenses and they getting really something deep -fensive coordinator and everything in Kansas. We on consensus with New England. Yeah. I am. I am to know. You're not going to do it. Wow. Ring he wants money more than he wants to ring. What do you say you want that rain? I heard it come out of his mouth. Well, that's what he said. I never said it before that he wanted to ring. He always wanted to hang out with Warren buffet. Position. He's in position to win it. But. To find someone to screw up personal foul passer defense. Do you think he's stamps on Tom Brady and the Super Bowl? What's that? Do you think he stamps and Tom Brady suffered don't come after the probably have a sniper ready for? Roger Goodell have one. What? Yeah. It'll be it'll be a good game. I think it'll be shootout the ok corral because either team has good defense. I think New England's got a touch of a better defense in LA. But I don't think it's neither team plays much defense. You know, really believe LA the better team than New England. Thank you. I don't think the talent is air. But they want before they know how to win and we're LA's never want to be the coach, great, great, the coaches. Excellent LA. The best defensive player in football one of two. Anyway, not not talking about sue. He's hanging on for dear life. Well, thank.

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