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So you get your state what medium medium, medium, rare. Yeah. I'm a media of a medium as well. Not not. Well, I don't want it. Well, I just wanted media. No, thanks on on on a well done steak, but that's what they're going on tonight from four to seven thirty in the door next. Cafe. Full open at five. Oh, four to six hundred seventy text eight seventy eight seventy Chuck be what's going on Chuck the mid city, you're on wwl. Hey, Chuck, Chuck how you doing buddy. Good. Do doing good. What about yourself? Yes, sir. Every day. We can see the sunshine. Don't know that we love is a good day. But I'm calling because I want to give kudos L A. The guy a couple of calls ago. I want to give kudos to because he covered his extensive. We went about two weeks ago. Maybe christian. Wait. What's that? Now. L A. Thank you. An issue. Has the appeal. Just called about a couple of calls. Giving kudos to chef. Because. Extensively just a couple of weeks ago, man, he's writing the money to highlight the point to also highlight the the the point. Also while while Chris new, right? It's happened to so many many kids. This has been unfair to kids who've been applying for. Poor appeals or or the opportunity to play whereas other kids. Who are nine minority kid has opportunity. Shelby came scenario that the Robinson kid has the opportunity to appeal and will probably win. Pave scenario happened to another kid in another school and bringing it was pointing it out. Same situation. I mean. When he was denied why he was denied an appeal. Yeah. Well, I don't know. And look, that's that's the that's the good thing about all this Chuck be is that this Andrew Robinson thing. And look doesn't matter white or black for me. His Andrew Robson thing highlighted some major was in the USA. And I think I know Trump we're gonna continue to shed light on it shine the light on some of these cases in the past. And some of these cases that come up in the future. And what goes on Chuck p thanks for the phone call Brandon in New Orleans going on Brandon, you're on wwl. Off other Brandon. What's up, man? I'm doing good. Outlook on the same vein. When it came out. The people the giants. I felt like it was coming out with a different offensive game. Like there was firing. They wanted to come out shoot is cold. My is real. Yeah. I feel like they just stop playing potential and avoid Dunlap. You say you didn't have a stay out that. So I want to point that out to you too. I think that. I just like too often. Right. The field with the ball moving a mile a minute. Pain. Defense. You know, if that is I'll be point this, and Mike konczal, pequine Levy, that's a strength. No. We can take our time with offense defense. Give players are offense had a business. What I liked it. Hey, gone. Well to help to help. The team the whole team is complimentary. When you hear Sean Payton you hear drew Brees say what's a complimentary win. I think time of possession does matter if we can have sustained drive to still listen, I would much rather the way we structured. I think a number of teams that rather have you gotta get in the end zone. You don't wanna kick field goals? You wanna get touchdown much rather? Ten eleven twelve play drive than a three or four play dry. Would that being said time of possession? We will we had the ball thirty one manage the giants had twenty nine. So you you're like, okay. So if you win anytime possession, the Davis has no excuse, and they should be well rested. Now the way the game restructured, and it's lean towards the offense to have success. Will you look at it? When all said and done, then matter really, how Machar did you give up? Okay. If you binning that's an old saying dues bamadoro break. What are you doing in the red zone? Okay. Let's say they had three or four or five dollars. Whatever. But can you bowl up at force? Appeal would the giants due to the saints, deuce? The giants should even have been the game at halftime that should have been. Seven. There were two touchdowns. Been twenty two seven, but you gotta give the giants credit. So I would say one area the states have to improve a red zone red zone offense. We have not dated Fisher this year. We were two of six thirty three percent. That's four last year. They struggle last year. But this time of the plays were there to be made you go back. Avenue will tell you. He's gotta catch that ball. They'll tell you. He had wrapped at ball against his body. Yes. It's one thing when when you can't make a play, and it's another one when you have the play, and you've just got to complete the kiss those are the things that they they can do if they have another opportunity when you talk about the saints are at their best when they have rhythm as an offense. I don't see them slowing it down sold. Their defense can get. Going to put their foot on the gas. And they're gonna go and score. They are going to try to score. Now late in the game. You'll see drew milk the clock a little bit where he looked six seven seconds. They'll snap the ball on the play clock. But other than that if they're if they're gonna out of the huddle at ten seconds there behind if they're getting out of the Hollywood ten seconds on the play clock. They are behind because normally there's gonna be some type of shift or motion to identify manner zone. But you don't do Chris. You know, what's crazy? An illicit dating plans as.

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