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Tobey Maguire, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth discussed on Pop Culture Continuum


That movie night and not being cut i purple it gave was really good at the car hurt when she came on the scene like her coming one was good but the move the music was this the such a breath of fresh air but so i was disappointed thought the music and this would be overwhelmingly good resist okay but uh spiderman homecoming also departure from the other spider means even the tobey maguire once which i think are good i thought this had a better sense of humor than any other spiderman before it and then there's the regular act which was all jokes in all jokes all the time in you would think that would be a bad thing in action movie a really wasn't it was hilarious everyone mark ruffalo and chris hemsworth are funny people and they me that movie hilarious with a good action story yet these are used i forgot the heat's india i saw wonderwoman as well have not seen spiderman homecoming i'd say of the three thors probably the best look slump yeah yeah just old way through yeah with i think that's problem with wonderwoman the it's not good all the way through the there's a lot of good parts all the way through the the big fight at the end was not that good yeah now i agree um all right my number two okay my number two and number one these are kind of old things in a way but um my number two is twin peaks the return uh seasonal chill time eighteen episodes which was just different than anything that's ever been on tv um.

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Tobey Maguire, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth discussed on Pop Culture Continuum

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